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States Meeting on 19 October 2020

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Election of Committee Presidents

This Meeting was adjourned on the evening of the 19th October and the outstanding elections took place on 21 October 2020

Under the provisions of Rule 16(1) of the Rules of Procedure, the elections will take place in the following order:

Presidents of the Principal Committees: Result of Secret Ballot
Committee for Economic Developmentpdf icon Proposition - P.2020/157 [724kb]Deputy Neil Inder elected (20 votes)
Deputy Charles Parkinson (18 votes)

Deputy Neil Inder elected
Committee for Education, Sport & Culturepdf icon Proposition - P.2020/158 [723kb]Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen elected unopposed
Committee for Employment & Social Securitypdf icon Proposition - P.2020/159 [723kb]Deputy Peter Roffey elected unopposed
Committee for the Environment & Infrastructurepdf icon Proposition - P.2020/160 [723kb]

1st Ballot: 
Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez (20 votes)
Deputy David de Lisle (13 votes)
Deputy Andy Taylor (7 votes)

2nd Ballot:
Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez (21 votes)
Deputy David de Lisle (16 votes)

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez elected

Committee for Health & Social Carepdf icon Proposition - P.2020/161 [723kb]Deputy David de Lisle (7 votes)
Deputy Al Brouard (29 votes)

Deputy Al Brouard elected
Committee for Home Affairspdf icon Proposition - P.2020/162 [723kb]Deputy Rob Prow elected unopposed
Presidents of other Committees:  
Scrutiny Management Committeepdf icon Proposition - P.2020/163 [723kb]Deputy Lester Queripel (15 votes)
Deputy Yvonne Burford (24 votes)

Deputy Yvonne Burford elected
Development & Planning Authoritypdf icon Proposition - P.2020/164 [723kb]Deputy Victoria Oliver elected unopposed
Overseas Aid & Development Commissionpdf icon Proposition - P.2020/165 [723kb]Deputy Chris Blin elected
States' Assembly & Constitution Committeepdf icon Proposition - P.2020/166 [726kb]Deputy Lyndon Trott (13 votes)
Deputy Carl Meerveld (26 votes)

Deputy Carl Meerveld elected
States' Trading Supervisory Boardpdf icon Proposition - P.2020/167 [404kb]Deputy Gavin St Pier (12 votes)
Deputy Peter Roffey (24 votes)

Deputy Peter Roffey elected
Transport Licensing Authoritypdf icon Proposition - P.202/168 [725kb]Deputy John Gollop elected unopposed





Billet d’État XXI Agenda for 19th October Resolutions, Billet XXI Hansard Report - 19th October 2020

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