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Key performance measures for the Secondary healthcare Contract published today

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Wednesday 02 March 2022

Exceptional support from the public is praised today as Health and Social Care (HSC) and the Medical Specialist Group (MSG) publish their annual update on key performance indicators for the secondary healthcare contract.

The report highlights improvements in many areas (such as: correct use of off-island procedures, complaints resolved within target times, meeting expected timings for operating theatres) while there is a continuing challenge with waiting times for outpatient appointments and inpatient admissions, due mainly to the pandemic.

Emergency Department waiting times fell just short of the target of 95% of patients being either admitted or discharged within four hours or arrival, with a figure of 89% achieved. The comparable NHS figure is 74%.

Target waiting times for emergency, urgent, cancer and routine referrals were achieved for 71% of outpatients and 61% of inpatients overall but almost all patients (94%) were seen within six months of referral.

The contract between HSC and the MSG provides some of the most critical services to the public each year. These performance measures provide the public with information and assurance that these services are focussed on quality, safety and are patient focussed.

Dr Peter Rabey, HSC Medical Director commented:

'Our continuing response to the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2021 had a profound impact on the delivery of health and social care services, with all aspects impacted to a greater or lesser extent.

'The support of the public has once again been exceptional and has made a real difference to all that has been achieved during this unprecedented time.

Staff have worked exceptionally hard to reduce backlogs caused by the first and second lockdowns.

'The Hospital Modernisation Programme along with a new, modern, Electronic Patient Records system will help HSC and MSG to improve the KPIs by reducing waiting times and streamlining administrative processes.'

Dr Gary Yarwood, MSG Chair commented:

'Despite another difficult year for patients, clinicians, and our support staff in 2021, it's good to see that we are achieving many of the targets that have been set.

'The "clinical outcome measures", which are the ones that matter most to patients, are excellent - low return to theatre rate, low hospital acquired infection rate, low day patient admission rate and low readmission rate. This reflects excellent healthcare delivery.

'Waiting times continue to be challenging and the impact of two lockdowns will take some time to clear. We are in a much stronger position than the NHS where the backlog is significantly greater, but we appreciate that is no consolation to patients in Guernsey who are having to wait longer for an appointment or an operation than they expected. Our patients come first, always, and we never want to let them down.

'We will continue to work in partnership with HSC to provide excellent services for the Bailiwick and I am proud of the quality of care that we achieve.'


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