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The Beach Code is promoted ahead of the summer months

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Friday 27 May 2022

With summer on the way, Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services (ACLMS) are promoting the island's Beach Code which encourages everyone to be respectful to others and mindful of the environment when out enjoying the island's beaches.

The Beach Code

  1. Observe any warning signs and stay away from the base of cliffs in case of rock falls.
  2. Take your litter home with you or place it in an appropriate litter bin.
  3. Take reusable plastic containers onto the beach rather than glass, as glass is easily broken and broken shards can cause a risk of injury to you or other beach users.
  4. Show respect for all other beach users.
  5. Keep music to a volume which does not disturb other people or wildlife.
  6. Check the time and height of high tide to ensure you can exit the beach.
  7. Enjoy viewing wildlife from a safe distance and do not approach.
  8. For barbeques and contained fires you should follow these safety standards:

Extra care should be taken with beach barbecues. In previous years, multiple fires have occurred in coastal litter bins from the hot embers of disposable barbeques, posing a risk to the surrounding environment. These bins consequently require replacement at public expense.

Barbecues are not permitted on grassland or forested areas. Open flames around dry vegetation can cause fires to escape and destroy valuable resources, habitats, and homes. Barbeques are only permitted on the North and West coast beaches, excluding the Richmond end of Vazon. 

If your barbeque has more than 50 people, it is classed as an event and will require a permit. Further information can be found at

While enjoying the beaches in summer,  Islanders are also reminded to observe any warning signs and stay away from the base of cliffs in case of rock falls.

The cliffs around all the bays on the south coast are regularly inspected by engineers. Several cliff faces are subject to regular maintenance works but even with these precautionary measures, it is not possible to entirely prevent the risk of rock falls. Care must be taken by individuals when accessing these areas, particularly in the days following heavy rainfall.  Please choose a spot away from the base of cliffs when on the beach.

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