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States of Guernsey introduces innovative new security features to Guernsey banknotes in conjunction with De La Rue

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Thursday 19 January 2023

The States of Guernsey is introducing innovative new security features to Guernsey's £5, £10 and £20 notes.

The banknotes have been produced by De La Rue, the world-leading commercial security printing firm founded by Guernsey entrepreneur Thomas De La Rue.

The new Guernsey notes include PUREIMAGE™ and IGNITE® security threads and the NEXUS™ embedded stripe, more details of which are below.  These advanced security threads will make it easier to recognise genuine banknotes.

Alongside the local launch, the banknotes will also be introduced internationally by De La Rue at the African Currency Forum, being held in Luxor, Egypt. 

Thomas De La Rue was an entrepreneur, born in the Forest, who moved to London and established his printing company which, more than 200 years later, is an international company with 2,300 employees in four continents supporting governments and businesses around the world.

Ruth Euling, Managing Director of De La Rue's Currency Division.

"We are very pleased to be able to introduce these features to Guernsey notes, marking the historic link between the Island and our company and continuing our relationship with the States of Guernsey and its banknotes that began over 40 years ago.  We are very proud of these features, which we believe will quickly become the new norm around the world for cotton paper banknotes that we produce for governments and issuing authorities around the world, as ensuring the security and integrity of national currencies is rightly a priority for many governments.  Guernsey is an ideal location to introduce new technology due to the nature and size of the circulation, so we are thankful to the States of Guernsey for working with us to launch these new features which reaffirm De La Rue's reputation for innovation, and excited to be able to showcase the banknotes at the African Currency Forum."

Bethan Haines, the States Treasurer said

"Thomas De La Rue is one of Guernsey's most famous historic figures and De La Rue has made a real mark on the world over the past two hundred years.  It is wonderful to celebrate his success by continuing to work with De La Rue on our own notes which are also an important part of the character of our Island."

New Security Features: 

The imagery on the new notes is unchanged from those currently in circulation and will continue to depict Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Discussions have begun on the introduction of new imagery, and more details on this will follow in due course. It is worth noting that the Bank of England will be issuing banknotes with King Charles III in 2024.

The latest £5 will be the first with Bethan Haines' signature, replacing that of the former Treasurer Dave Clark. 

Previous series Banknotes will co-circulate for some considerable time and remain legal tender.

The value of the States of Guernsey's currency circulation is currently £51m.

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