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Event and activity organisers invited to apply for grants

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Wednesday 13 September 2023

Grant applications are now open for event and activity providers looking for financial support for their plans for next year.

There are two grants that organisers can apply for - the annual events and activities grant, totalling £123,000 and, for 2024 only, a one-off Tourism Development Fund totalling £150,000.

The Tourism Development Fund is an exciting opportunity for those across the tourism sector to pitch for funding for new or existing tourism projects. Business cases are being invited which demonstrate ideas which can deliver a long-term return for tourism.

For the first time, the Tourism Management Board will oversee the decision-making process for both the grants, following the Committee for Economic Development agreeing the Board was best placed to administer the funds thereby putting increased responsibility in the hands of the industry itself.

Hannah Beacom, Chair of the Tourism Management Board, said she was delighted that the Board had been handed the responsibility of distributing the funds.

'The Tourism Management Board wants to use this funding to support locally held events and activities, and invest in new product, where there is a clear benefit to tourism. This is a great opportunity to see some new, fresh ideas coming through and we're looking forward to discussing how we can support financially and otherwise.' 

Details of the grants, and how to apply for both, can be found at

The deadline for business cases for the Tourism Development Fund is Sunday 15th October, while initial submissions for the activities and events grant are slightly later, and must be completed by 5pm on Thursday 26th October.

The Board is looking for submissions that will meet some or all of the following criteria:

Ms Beacom added:

'We are particularly looking forward to receiving submissions for the Tourism Development Fund, which is a huge opportunity for groups or individuals to apply for funds to support a new idea, or the evolving of an existing one. This new product will be critical in supporting the long-term strategy we are currently developing.

'It makes sense, strategically, to have the dispersing of these funds aligned with the direction of the short term aims and long-term strategic direction of tourism. We look forward to reviewing the applications.' 

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