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Updates to Immigration Fees

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Thursday 12 October 2023

The UK Home Office has increased the costs of all types of immigration applications, which will affect people applying for Visas or British Nationality through or for Guernsey, alongside the other Crown Dependencies.

The fees for local leave to remain will also be increasing, but not until January 2024.

The UK brought in the new fees on the 4th October 2023.

Increase to Visa fees

The new visa fees can be found on the Home Office website - Home Office immigration and nationality fees: 4 October 2023 - GOV.UK (

Persons requiring a Visa to enter the British Common Travel Area (UK, Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man) can make a visa application via the UK online visa application service. Please note, you may be asked to attend your nearest British Embassy/ Visas Application Centre in your home country as part of the application process.

British Nationality fees - for Foreign Nationals seeking to become British Citizens.

The UK's changes to British Nationality fees are as below:







Registration (Adult)



Registration (Child)




Leave to remain fees - Permission for a foreign National to extend or vary their stay.

Immigration fees for different types of Leave to Remain will increase in line with the new fee structure recently introduced by the UK. This fee increase will be introduced locally from 1st January 2024:





Indefinite Leave to Remain



Variation or extension of leave to remain - for a work permit holder or their dependants.



Variation or extension of Leave to Remain - when not in connection with employement.




Opening hours

In order to cope with the significant influx of all types of immigration applications, including passports and employment permits, the GBA's New Jetty office is now open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 0845 to 12 noon and Tuesday and Thursday 0845 to 1600 hours. This is to enable the immigration staff to process the high volume of applications currently being received. 

If you have an inquiry, please contact immigration telephone 221420 or email

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