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Young Enterprise

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Young Enterprise is a national education charity founded in the UK in 1963 and operated in Guernsey since 1982. Its purpose is to forge links between schools and industry, and its mission is to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise.

Company Programme

Students aged 15 - 19 are invited to take part in the company programme and become a Young Achiever. The companies are formed from students from all the island's secondary schools and run from September to May each year.

The Achievers set up and run their own company, taking all roles and working as a team in making decisions, electing a board, raising share capital, marketing and financing a product or service of their own choice. At the end of the YE year they present a report and accounts at the Presentation Evening held during the summer term.

In participating in YE, the Achievers gain experience of the real world: taking responsibility and being accountable to their shareholders for the running of the business. They are supported throughout the process by volunteer business advisers.

Team Programme

Team Programme is offered to students at the island's special schools who have learning difficulties and other disabilities. It gives them practical experience of running their own company, supported by volunteer business advisers. Within the scheme there is flexibility in timing and delivery appropriate to the special needs of the students.

Achievers complete a Record of Achievement and are awarded a certificate to mark completion of the programme.

Team Programme is a unique opportunity for special needs students to share and succeed in an activity in exactly the same way as the company programme. At the end of the YE year the companies are required to present a report and accounts at the Presentation Evening.

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