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Independent report into Guernsey's current economic profile

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Thursday 01 March 2012

The Policy Council's Fiscal and Economic Policy Group ('FEPG') and the Commerce and Employment Department ('C&E') have released an independent report from Oxford Economics, a leading UK economics consultancy, which was commissioned to provide a respected third party view of Guernsey's current economic profile; potential future opportunities and overall strategic direction in relation to economic policy.

The report has been published on the States' website at under the heading "Press Room" and will be presented by Oxford Economics at an open public meeting at the end of the month, details to be announced. It is intended that the report will form the basis of a consultation process in the new States term to inform the development of an economic development strategy which will then be incorporated into the Fiscal and Economic Plan in the States Strategic Plan debate later in 2012.

Deputy Lyndon Trott, Chief Minister and chair of the Fiscal and Economic Policy Group said:

"This report is a comprehensive independent review of the island's current position and the challenges it faces. We are pleased that it generally endorses the current policies that are being pursued which have put the island in a strong position to weather the current global economic turmoil".

Deputy Carla McNulty Bauer, Minister, Commerce and Employment and a member of the Fiscal and Economic Policy Group said:

"Bearing in mind that it was only recently commissioned in September 2011, Oxford Economics have done a remarkable job assembling comprehensive economic data, policy comparisons and interviewing key stakeholders. It was felt important that we issue the report into the public domain at this time so the data and commentary are as current as possible for the basis of discussion.

I believe this is an excellent time to generate conversation and stimulate debate on the outcomes of the recent study. The views, perceptions, conclusions and recommendations in the report will need to be assessed when it is used to inform, but not necessarily dictate, the development of an Economic Development Strategy. Oxford Economics' work identifies new potential work streams as well as new strands to existing economic sectors that are most definitely worthy of consideration".


Further to the recent publication of Oxford Economics' report analysing Guernsey's current economic profile and assessing future opportunities, a public presentation on the report will take place on Thursday 29th March 2012 at 17.30 at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre.

Neil Gibson, Senior Consultant at Oxford Economics, will present the key findings of the report to stakeholders and members of the public, and will be on hand to answer any questions at the end of the meeting.

Anyone wishing to attend is requested to register by emailing or by phoning the Commerce and Employment Department on 234567.


Oxford Economics report into Guernsey’s current economic profile

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