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Beach BBQs

Contact Us - Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services

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Beach barbeques can be lit between 5:00pm and midnight on the Island's north and west coast beaches, excluding the Richmond end of Vazon. Permission is required for beach barbeques to be attended by more than ten people.

Beach barbeques should be lit well below the high tide mark and away from coastal dune or grassland vegetation. Everyone is reminded to respect the beach code.

For the Beach Barbeque Application Form click on this link.


  • Do I need permission?

    • Organisers of small barbeques to be attended by ten people or fewer don't need to contact us to obtain permission. If you would like to hold a beach barbeque for between ten and fifty people, please read the Beach Code and Conditions for Beach Barbeques below, then complete and submit the 'Beach Barbeque Application Form'. You will be contacted by a member of staff to confirm the details of your barbeque and to confirm that permission has been granted. In the interest of public safety the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre are advised of all authorised beach barbeques.
    • Organisers looking to arrange a beach barbeque, or other beach event, for more than fifty people should contact the Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Service by telephoning 224567 to discuss their proposal, in the first instance.
  • The Beach Code

    • Take your litter home with you or place it in an appropriate litter bin;
    • Take plastic items onto the beach rather than glass;
    • Barbeques and contained fires in a small fire bowl or bucket only:
      • Keep water nearby
      • Barbeque or fire to be lit below the high tide mark after 5pm and put out by midnight
      • In a spot where smoke wont disturb other people
      • Dowse embers thoroughly with water until cold and remove from the beach to a litter bin
      • Ensure the sand is dowsed with water until cold
    • Avoid disturbing wildlife;
    • Show respect for all other beach users;
    • Keep music to a respectful volume which does not disturb other beach users;
    • Ensure that you know the time and height of high tide.
  • Conditions of Beach Barbeques for between 10 and 50 people

    • Beach barbeques are permitted on any of the Island's North and West coast beaches, except the Richmond end of Vazon. Barbeques are not to be held on the South or East coasts, i.e. from Soldier's Bay to Pleinmont.
    • Barbeques may be lit between 5.00pm and midnight only.
    • Barbeques must be lit below the high tide mark.
    • All litter generated by those attending a barbeque must be cleared from the beach before 9.00am the following day.




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