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Children's Dental Service

Contact Us - Children's Dental Services

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The Children's Dental Service provides a dedicated dental service for pre-school and school age children with particular needs based at Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

Childrens Dental Service

The aim of the service is to improve the dental health of the children of Guernsey by working closely with other health professionals, parents and carers and focusing on early intervention and prevention.  The service is targeted to those least able to access dental care and those with dental problems.

  • What Services Do We Provide?

    • A full range of dental treatment (including orthodontic treatment) is available for those eligible to use the service.
    • All 3 ½ year old children who have an immunisation visit with the health visitors are offered a dental examination in the department.  At this visit, as well as checking the children's teeth, the families are offered advice about diet and oral health, tooth brushing, fluoride and the importance of regular dental visits.
    • The team offer dental screening to all Reception and Year 5 pupils in addition to all pupils at Le Murier and Le Rondin School on an annual basis.
    • The Oral Health Educator and Specialist Dental Nurses provide oral health promotion activities in schools and to other targeted groups including preschools and Young Mum's.
    • Guernsey Super Smiles, a pre-school tooth brushing programme, is undertaken in a number of preschools.  Although the school staff run the programme on a day to day basis the dental team are responsible for providing guidance, training and support to the pre-schools
    • The service undertakes regular epidemiological surveys so that there is up to date information on the dental health of the children on the island.
    • Getting your child used to going to the dentist from a young age is very important, it is recommended that all children should visit the family dentist before their first birthday.  Making the visits as a family can help if the child is anxious, their teeth should be checked at least every six months.
    • If you have concerns about your child's teeth, we recommend you contact your family dentist who will be able to advice on any dental issues.
    • However, any parent, whether their child meets the eligibility criteria or not, or  Group Leader,  who would like support or input from the dental team, is welcome to telephone the Children's Dental Service for advice (tel. 725241).
  • Who Can Access Dental Care Through The CDS?

    • Children up to their 18th Birthday attending special needs schools - This includes Le Rondin, Le Murier, and  Les Voies and those attending the Base Units at St Sampson, Amherst and Le Mare De Carteret Schools.  Parents or carers of these children may contact the department direct.
    • Looked after children up to their 18th Birthday - Carers and foster parents may contact the department direct.
    • Families in receipt of Income Support - Children up to their 12th birthday whose parents are in receipt of income support.  Parents will need to get an e-mail from the Social Security Department sent to the Children's Dental Service confirming that they are in receipt of benefit, or entitled to treatment via the Medical Expenses Assistance Scheme (MEAS) before booking an appointment.
    • Children up to their 12th birthday with any active dental decay into dentine or acute gum problems can be referred to the service for a single course of treatment to restore their dental health - Parents or carers will need to get a referral sent to the Children's Dental Service by their dentist or a suitable health professional before an appointment can be booked.
    • Children up to their 12th birthday suffering from a medical condition where specific input from dental practitioners experienced in dealing with children is required - Parents or carers will need to get a referral sent to the Children's Dental Service by their dentist or a suitable health practitioner before an appointment can be booked.
    • School Trauma - If a child up to their 12th birthday sustains trauma whilst at school and during the normal school hours they can be seen for emergency care.  This referral has to be made within 24 hours and by the school.
  • Orthodontic Treatment

    • Children are accepted for Orthodontic treatment up to their 15th birthday providing they have an Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) Dental Health Component 5. (Your family dentist can explain this for you).  In addition they must visit their family dentist for routine examinations at least one every 6 months, have excellent oral health and hygiene.  The CDS will not routinely provide other aspects of dental care for these children unless they are specifically entitled to it.


1. What We Do 2. Treatment at Children's Dental Service 3. Toothbrushing Tips 4. Why Diet Is Important 5. Diet Advice for Healthy Teeth 6. Little One's Teeth 7. Orthodontic Advice

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