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Climate Change

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Over recent years, the local and international community has become increasingly more aware about climate change and global warming. On 25 June 2019 the States of Deliberation amended the Policy & Resource Plan to include the priority policy area 'Mitigate climate change' and the States' directed the Committee for Environment & Infrastructure to put together a Climate Change Policy Letter and Action Plan by May 2020.

The Climate Change Policy & Action Plan are being developed and are due to be submitted to the States before the end of this term. As part of this, the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure has participated in events with other jurisdictions and are looking to demonstrate to the community how everyone can do their bit to mitigate climate change.

  • Climate Change Summit 2019

    • On Monday 2nd December 2019, Jersey hosted a Climate Change Summit with representatives from Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man who are all working towards the same goal of delivering carbon reductions in Island communities. A number of decisions were made at the summit and included pooling resources and sharing expertise to better understand each Island's greenhouse gas emissions in order to inform carbon reduction plans and at officer level, to explore procurement, skills and training opportunities and discuss the Island differences, synergies and threats within the energy market transition.
    • Guernsey and Jersey have been working together on various workstreams including future energy policy and carbon emissions. A report was jointly commissioned by the Islands to provide a baseline on emissions in order to measure the success or failure of local actions to reduce emissions. Aether, who report on emissions for the UK and historically for the Channel Islands, have provided research, baseline data and information to inform the Climate Change Policy Letter and Action Plan.
  • Local Research

    • Island Global Research (IGR) have provided a summary report on Climate Change perceptions and views from the Island based on findings from a survey they carried out in November 2019. Insight and feedback from the report will inform the Climate Change Change Policy and Action Plan, and future engagement with stakeholders. The report is available in the downloads section.  
    • IGR facilitated a workshop with officers from across the States' and stakeholders from local organisations in December 2019 in order to pilot and give feedback on a further, in-depth independent survey on perceptions, barriers and behavioural changes to mitigate climate change that launched in January 2020. 
    • The survey focused on heating and on-island travel, two of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. The aims and objectives are to better understand the perceptions and barriers around changes to improve energy efficiency at home and to reduce emissions for on-island travel; what lifestyles changes people have made or would be willing to make in the future; and perceptions on recent behavioural changes to improve re-cycling rates and reduce waste. It is likely that we will all need to make some changes in the future in order to improve sustainability, to mitigate against climate change and to adapt.The survey results will soon be available and used to inform further engagement with stakeholders.
  • #justonething Campaign

    • As an organisation of over 5000 employees, the States of Guernsey can demonstrate that it can lead by example,'walk the walk' and take action to reduce carbon emissions. Lots of individual actions are already happening across service areas and show that large organisations can easily nudge and encourage sustainability.
    • The #justonething campaign will run over the month of February on States of Guernsey social media platforms, but anybody can use the #justonething hashtag to show that they are taking actions as individuals to improve future outcomes for everybody on the Island. Just take a selfie, explain your action and use the hashtag!
    • A list of individual and service area initiatives that are taking place across the organisation is available in the downloads section.
  • Guernsey Green Finance

    • In 2019 the State's allocated £300K to 'We Are Guernsey' to make Guernsey a leader in sustainable investment and Green Finance.




Justonething Actions and Initiatives Climate Change Survey Report IGR 2019 EU Report 2012 - Behavioural Climate Change Mitigation Options Changing Energy Behaviour - What Works Scotland Climate Change Plan 2018-2032 Raising Ambitions - zero carbon scenarios from across the globe

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