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Coastal Defence and Management

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The Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure is responsible for the strategy and oversight of the Island's coastal defence infrastructure. At operational level; Land Management Services co-ordinate both capital and maintenance projects and are supported by engineers from Property Services.

Coastal Defence and Beach Management Strategy

In 2007, UK consultants Royal Haskoning (previously Posford Duvivier) submitted the report "Guernsey Coastal Defence Strategy". This updated the previous 1999 report and highlighted the key issues for the management of the coastal defences and beaches around the islands of Guernsey and Herm. 

The Strategy provides an overview of Guernsey and Herm's coastline, the coastal processes and defences, environmental assets and issues. It also looks at a long term strategy for managing Guernsey's coastal defences and recommends a programme for undertaking monitoring, studies and coastal defence works.

Coastal Defence Flood Risk Assessment Studies

The Coastal Defence Strategy 2007 report identified several areas that may be vulnerable to flood risk due to predicted sea level rise associated with climate change. Royal Haskoning were commissioned to undertake a review of these areas in the "Guernsey Coastal Defence - Flood Risk Assessment Studies 2012".

This study takes into account research on predicted sea level rise issued in 2009 by the UK Climate Impacts Programme. 

The coastal defence and flood risk studies are available in the download section of this page.

Copies of the reports are also available to view at the Guille-Allès Library or on request from Land Management Services, Raymond Falla House.

Coastal Erosion

Guernsey's coastline is vulnerable to damage from the sea. There are many areas around the coast where there are some signs of erosion and it can sometimes be seen when beach levels have dropped to reveal undermining at the base of sea walls.

People can help reduce erosion in low lying areas by always using slipways, steps or designated paths to get onto the beach.  Informal access points will eventually form 'desire lines' through sand dunes or over soft clay surfaces. As these unofficial access areas become more worn they can accelerate erosion by the sea.



Guernsey Coastal Defences - Flood Risk Assessment Studies 2012 Guernsey Coastal Defences - Flood Risk Assessment Studies 2012 Guernsey Coastal Defence Strategy 1999 Guernsey Coastal Defence Review 2007

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