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Guernsey is a pleasant place to cycle. It has great scenery, lots of coastal and inland routes and the odd hill here and there. Cycling is a great way of helping to keep fit as the increased activity contributes toward a healthier more active lifestyle, reduces motoring costs, helps contribute toward a cleaner environment and reduces traffic congestion.

Very often cycling can be as quick going from door to door when compared to other forms of transport, and it will be healthier and more fun. A new walking and cycling app has been developed to help navigate around the islands' quiet lanes, visit the Ruettes Tranquilles section below for more information or search "Walking, Cycling Guernsey" on your favourite app store.

A cycle lane runs along the eastern sea front from Bulwer Avenue to the Weighbridge roundabout in Town. Along some parts of the cycle lane the lane narrows so courtesy and awareness of others is required by everyone using this shared space. There is also a cycle Contraflow through Les Effards and Baubigny which links to Vale road, which is then just a short ride to join onto the eastern sea front cycle lane. There are cycle paths along the north and west coasts which provide access to the island's coastline for cyclists, walkers, pushchair and wheelchair users. A recommended 10 mph speed limit applies to cyclists using coastal paths, cyclists are reminded to respect these shared spaces and be courteous to all path users. Cycling is not permitted on the islands nature trails or the cliff paths between La Vallette Bathing Pools and Pleinmont Point.

For those wishing to hire cycles, more information can be found here, also a number of cycle tours are available during the main visitor season, information can be found here: some general tips to help you enjoy cycling can be found here.

  • E Trike & E Cargo bike subsidy

    • Following the success of the E Bike subsidy in 2018 which increased rates of active travel and reduced transport related emissions, another electric bike subsidy is launched on Saturday 4th April 2020. This initiative focuses on e trikes and e cargo bikes, both of which can play a useful role in improving mobility choices. Islanders will be offered a discount on e trikes up to the purchase value of £2,000 and e cargo bikes up to the purchase value of £3,500.
    • E trikes are even more accessible than standard e bikes, offering comfort and stability for people who may have mobility, strength or balance issues. E trikes can give people who might struggle to ride a two wheeled bike the opportunity to cycle confidently; others might simply benefit from their ease to ride or their typically generous load carrying capacity. More information on the process to acces an e trike or e cargo bike can be found on the right side of this page or though the participating cycle retailers.
  • Cycle Groups

  • Locations of cycle stands and shelters.

    • There are a number of cycle stands and shelters around the island, the locations of these can be found in the downloads section of this page.
  • Electric cycles

    • Electric cycles are now very common; the latest models have ranges of around 100km depending on use. They have the benefit of being dual purpose, when riding up a hill or into a headwind the electric motor gives assistance, and when riding normally you have the benefit of the physical activity. Electric cycles can be charged quickly using a normal electrical socket, many cycles have a removable battery so you can easily take the battery with you to charge at work or home. Charging can take as little as three hours on the modern generation of cycles. The law relating to electric cycles can be found here.
    • For more information on all cycles please contact one of the local cycle retailers:
  • Ruettes Tranquilles

    • If you would like to enjoy cycling (or walking) in quiet lanes, there are designated lanes across the island with a recommended speed limit of 15 mph. These are called 'Ruettes Tranquilles' and are open to all traffic though priority is given to cyclists, walkers and horse-riders. Together they form a rural route across the parishes of: Vale, Castel, Forest, St Andrew, St Martin, St Sampson, St Saviour. Each entry point to a Ruettes Tranquilles is signposted. An information leaflet giving additional information on Ruettes Tranquilles, along with the Ruettes Tranquilles network, can be found in the downloads section of this page. Living Streets Guernsey has created three walking routes: Baubigny, St Martin to St Peter Port and St Peter Port South to Town. These can also be found in the downloads section.
    • An app is also available to download free for Android, Windows and Apple devices. The app will help with navigating around the Ruettes Tranquilles network and also shows the various cycle tours routes across the island, the locations of the main cycle hoops and the local cycle dealers. There are no roaming charges when using the app, just make sure "Location" is enabled on your device so the app knows where you on the routes, you may also need to refresh the "Location" icon on your device periodically so your location is updated on the map. To download the app go to ITunes, Google Play or the Microsoft Windows store.



E bike subsidy information Ruette Tranquilles leaflet Cycling tips Cycle stand locations Map of cycle stands in St Peter Port Map of cycle stands outside St Peter Port St Martin to St Peter Port route St Peter Port South to Town walking route Baubigny path route

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