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The Digital Economy

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Guernsey is home to many leading digital businesses. The Committee for Economic Development is responsible for continuing to support and develop digitally enabled industry and innovation.

  • The Digital Framework 2021-2025

    • The Digital Framework 2021-2025 seeks to accelerate the Bailiwick of Guernsey's digital capability. Unlike previous strategic documents, this Framework recognises that the impact and opportunities of digital technological change cannot be confined to one sector only, but in fact affects all of the economy and the wider community. As part of the Framework the States of Guernsey will work towards achieving the following objectives in three strategic goals:
      • Enabling Infrastructure: Digital connectivity, enabling legislation and regulation, and alignment with international standards will provide the foundation upon which other digital initiatives can be built.
      • Developing Digital Skills & Pathways: The Bailiwick develops an inclusive approach to enhance everyone's digital capability and has access to a steady stream of skilled digital workers, through internal and external pipelines, working in partnership to further develop upskilling and reskilling initiatives.
      • Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurial Growth: The accelerated development of a dynamic ecosystem that enables innovation and transformation, fosters entrepreneurialism and is internationally recognised as excellent.
    • Across these three strategic goals, there are nine action areas, which will be further developed and refined throughout the rest of 2021
  • Digital Connectivity

    • The policy letter entitled Delivering Next Generation Digital Infrastructure seeks to agree States of Guernsey funding capped to a maximum of £12.5m in order to enable the accelerated roll-out of fibre cable connections. In so doing, it seeks to achieve the following policy objectives:
    • 1. Effective regulation to deliver cost and quality.
    • 2. Improving connectivity in the home and user experience
    • 3. Achieving 100% fibre roll out to the premises (home and business) within 5 years
    • 4. Enable deployment of a next generation mobile network (5G and beyond)
    • 5. Ensure a rapid deployment of the necessary telecoms infrastructure through empowering legislation and policies
    • 6. Ensuring high quality fibre cable data connections to the world wide web: resilient, connected, competitive
    • 7. Encouraging adoption of a single network- retail competition not network competition and Ensuring stringent environmental monitoring to exceed minimum international standards
    • 8. Ensuring telcos operate and manage their networks with robust security arrangements and Ensure telcos address security risks by ensuring the highest standards of telecoms security in alignment with the standards to be introduced in the UK.
    • This work seeks to build upon the previously published  pdf icon Future of Telecoms [545kb] strategy, whose three critical objectives are:
      • Fibre to business districts
      • A target of up to 100 Megabits per second to homes
      • Next generation mobile technology - 5G
    • The policy letter also seeks to direct the Committee for Economic Development to submit a Policy Letter on licensing of next generation mobile technology by no later than 31 December, 2022.
  • The Digital Greenhouse

    • The Digital Greenhouse Guernsey is a States of Guernsey initiative that is dedicated to growing Guernsey's digital and creative sectors. Working in collaboration with business, government and the community it provides a modern work and event space as well as initiatives to help grow the digital economy.
  • Past Strategic Documents

    • The previous strategic document, the Digital Sector Sector Strategic Framework, was published in 2017, and can be viewed pdf icon here [576kb]


Digital Framework 2021-2025 P 2021 106 - Delivering Next Generation Digital Infrastructure

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