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Discrimination Legislation

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As part of the Disability and Inclusion Strategy, the States agreed that detailed policy proposals should be developed for the introduction of disability discrimination legislation.

In June 2018, the States of Guernsey unanimously agreed that the Committee for Employment and Social Security should develop proposals for new legislation to protect people from discrimination on multiple grounds. (Amendment to The Policy & Resources Plan)

This legislation will be based, where appropriate, on relevant provisions of the Irish Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015, the Irish Equal Status Acts 2000-2015, and the Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Media Release

If you would like to find out more or share your views regarding discrimination in Guernsey or what you would like to see covered in the legislation, please contact us at: or tel: 01481 732546.

  • What is the purpose of the discrimination legislation?

    • Discrimination legislation promotes and protects people's right to equality of status, opportunity and treatment and non-discrimination on the basis of various 'grounds of protection' specified in the legislation.
  • If approved by the States, what might Guernsey's legislation do?

    • The legislation is likely to outlaw discrimination in employment and when accessing goods and services, education and accommodation. There will be some exceptions to this general rule in certain justifiable situations.
    • People who feel that they have been discriminated against will be able to obtain advice and assistance to resolve their complaint in an informal manner. If the complaint cannot be resolved informally, there will be a mechanism for formal adjudication. If the complaint is upheld there will be various awards and remedies available.
  • What will be protected from discrimination?

    • The legislation is likely to cover discrimination on the grounds of:
      • Disability
      • Age
      • Race (including colour, nationality, national or ethnic origins)
      • Sex (including pregnancy, maternity and intersex status)
      • Civil (or 'marital') status
      • Gender identity or gender reassignment
      • Family status or family responsibilities (including caring responsibilities), and
      • Religion (including lack of religious belief and philosophical belief) 
  • What's the plan?

    • Discrimination Ordinance - Whats the plan
  • Consultation

    • There will be a public consultation later this year before the discrimination legislation proposals are taken to the States.
    • A consultation on the effectiveness of the existing Sex Discrimination Ordinance was undertaken last year. That consultation has now closed and a summary of findings is available via:



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