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Dogs on beaches

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Most of Guernsey's beaches are dog friendly during the summer months. The beaches where dogs are banned between 1st May and 30th September are Fermain, Petit Bot, L'Erée, Vazon (Northern end), Cobo, Port Soif, L'Ancresse and Pembroke. Please see the map available in the download section of this page.

Wildlife and dogs

Dog owners should always prevent their dog from chasing or disturbing wildlife, especially birds. Birds are particularly vulnerable during the breeding season, February to July.

Dog-Free Beaches

Dogs are not allowed on the following beaches: Fermain, Petit Bot, L'Erée, Vazon (Northern end), Cobo, Port Soif, L'Ancresse and Pembroke between 1st May - 30th September.

Dogs are never permitted around the bathing pools.

The ban at the Northen end of Vazon starts from the drainage pipe near Richmond Kiosk.

Richmond Beach - Winter ban (between  1st October - 30th April)

Richmond Beach has its own classification as 'voluntary ban' throughout the winter. This means that even though it is legal to take your dog on this beach it is a very important site for our declining wading bird populations. Some species have declined by 90% in the last 40 years. Dogs should be kept away from Vazon south in the winter to protect our wildlife.

Lihou Island and Lihou causeway

Dogs are not permitted on Lihou Island and Lihou causeway all year round.

Taking care of beaches, parks and paths

If you are a dog owner, please pick up after your dog! Please tie the top of the bag and take the waste home, or put it in a public litter bin.

Please don't leave dog mess in a plastic bag at the side of the path or hanging on trees, hedges or fences. This is still a littering offence.

If you see someone else leaving the mess from their dog on public land, you can ask them to pick it up. If they refuse, you are encouraged to contact Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services or the Police with any details that may help lead to a successful prosecution (e.g. vehicle registration of dog owner/walker, description of dog and owner, etc). All calls will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Registered Assistance Dogs

Owners of guide dogs are exempt from the Control of Dogs Ordinance. Please note special arrangements can also be made for dogs registered under the UK registered assistance dogs scheme, particularly for dogs for the hard of hearing. Under this arrangement, owners of registered assistance dogs can apply to the Department for a licence excluding them from most of the provisions of the Ordinance. However, such owners are still legally required to pick up faeces left by their dogs in public places. Please contact Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services for further details.



Dog Restricted Beaches Dog control in public places

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