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Education Transformation

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The Education System in Guernsey is currently going through an exciting period of transformation. This is the largest, boldest and most dynamic change the public education system has seen in recent years but is focused on promoting opportunity and excellence for every student now and in the future - whether in terms of academic standards, pastoral support or sporting, social and cultural enrichment through school.

The Committee for Education, Sport and Culture has published its Programme Business Case (PBC) for the Transforming Education Programme. A PBC goes into more detail about the implementation of the proposals contained in a Policy Letter. A link to the PBC can be found in the downloads section of this page.


In January 2018, the States of Guernsey agreed substantial reforms of secondary and post-16 education. This will see the four existing secondary schools replaced by two 11 to 18 colleges, forming one organisation - one school. The following bullet points summarise the future structure:

At present our secondary schools vary greatly in size. In contrast, the two 11 to 18 colleges will be of a very similar size with a similar number of students in each college. The number of students in each college will be in line with the average size of the highest-attaining comprehensive schools nationally, almost all of which also have sixth forms. All students will have the widest possible range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities and teachers in Guernsey will be able to work across all key stages in secondary education, which will maximise the chances of developing, recruiting and retaining great teachers. More information on the plans for the 11-18 school can be found at

The post-16 phase will provide a single sixth form operating across the two colleges, allowing for a broad range of subject choices. Technical, professional and vocational studies will be part of a single, integrated organisation called The Guernsey Institute. More information on the plans for further and higher education can be found at

Policy Letter - July 2019

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture has submitted a policy letter for debate by the States. the policy letter proposes the capital investment necessary for the development of four education sites. These are as follows:

A link to the Policy Letter can be found in the useful pages section of this page.

To support the proposals in the policy letter the Committee has published the following media releases:

Education Law Review

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture is seeking public comments on a number of proposed changes to the Education Law.

When the Committee was elected last year it identified the development of a new Law as one of its main objectives.  The Committee is on course to submit a Policy Letter to the States in the first quarter of 2020 in which it will propose detailed recommendations about the new Law.  If they are approved by the States, the new primary legislation and several associated ordinances could be laid before the States for approval before the end of 2020.

A period of public consultation on proposed changes to the Law will be announced soon. The Committee has been advised on the new Law through a working group which includes political members, representatives of primary and secondary head teachers, legal and policy advisors, the Head of Curriculum and Standards, and the Head of Inclusion and Services to Children and Schools. Discussions with groups with a special interest in one or more sections of the Law continue alongside the planned public consultation.

The development of a new Education Law is part of the Committee's Transforming Education Programme. The Programme also includes creation of a single 11-18 School in two colleges at St Sampson's and Les Beaucamps; creation of The Guernsey Institute for all further and on-island higher education in purpose-built facilities at Les Ozouets; redevelopment of La Mare de Carteret Primary School; co-location of health and education services at secondary schools; and multi-million pound investment in improving digital services in schools and colleges in all phases of education.


Transforming Education Programme Business Case The alternative model The future structure of Secondary and Post 16 Education in the Bailiwick Education Transformation - Q&A Transformation - Summer Term Update Letter 24.04.19 Responses to Union and Staff Concerns ESC Committee Letter to School Staff following feedback

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