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Electric bus to be trialled in Guernsey

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Wednesday 18 January 2023

The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure and CT Plus are teaming up with Pelican Engineering to trial a state of the art zero-emission electric bus.

The bus will be on trial from 19 - 22 January 2023.

The bus will arrive on the morning of Thursday 19 January and will be trialled along all the routes (out of service). This will provide valuable data on energy consumption and maneuverability on the island.

The 23-seater bus is the Yutong E9 which has capacity for up to 62 passengers and is wheelchair accessible. The manufacturers states that the electric vehicle can complete over 195 miles on a single charge, with the average daily mileage of a bus in Guernsey being 100 miles. The vehicle can be fully charged within 2 hours.

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, President of the Committee, said:

"In 2020, the States agreed to an interim target of reducing emissions by 57% by 2030, and with transport the biggest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions, reducing emissions from transport is crucial to us achieving this.

"Trialling this bus also supports the aims of our Transport Strategy as we work to reduce the number of miles that islanders travel in private motor vehicles, which are the biggest single source of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce these emissions we need to give people more choice, so that they have more viable lower-emissions options to choose from. When it comes to buses, we must ensure they are easy to use, comfortable and reliable."

Commenting on the trial, Kevin Hart, Director for CT Plus said:

"We are really excited about trialling an electric bus on the island again.  Since our last trial, technology has moved on and the range of vehicles is extending. The Yutong E9 is a great bus and we hope that the trial shows what is possible in the very near future."

Operations manager for CT Plus Guernsey, Kevin Jackman says:

"It is intended that all 24 routes that make up the network will be trialled while the bus is on the island. Passengers will be able to see and use the E9 bus on Friday 20th January as it makes short, free journeys from and returning to the Town Area. Departures will be from the A Stand from 10:30 - 11:45."

Ian Downie, Head of Yutong UK commented:

"We are honored to be working in partnership with such a forward-thinking passenger transport provider as CT Plus. The benefits of our vehicles are that they are tried, tested and proven around the world. Not only are they zero emission, but they also have unrivalled passenger comfort, including full air conditioning. This will encourage the travelling public to leave their cars at home use public transport, further decarbonising Guernsey."

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