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Household income and expenditure

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On this page you can download the latest household expenditure survey information and information on household incomes sourced from the Rolling Electronic Census.

The Guernsey Household Income Report provides a profile of household incomes in Guernsey.  The Report includes detailed information on unequivalised and equivalised household incomes in Guernsey. It also includes information on households who have equivalised net incomes lower than 60% of the median (an internationally recognised threshold) and also contains a gini coefficient and a decile ratio for Guernsey, to enable international comparisons to be made.

The 2012-13 Household Expenditure Survey Report provides data on the expenditure patterns of households in Guernsey.

Follow this link to access older reports.

Follow this link to contact us if you'd like more information or guidance. We will always respond within two working days.

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Guernsey Household Income Report 2015 Guernsey Household Income Report 2014 Guernsey Household Expenditure Survey Report 2012-13

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