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Indicators of poverty

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On this page you can download the Guernsey Indicators of Poverty Report.

In January 2016 the States made a resolution relating to improving and broadening Guernsey's measures of relative poverty. On this page, you will find a report titled, 'Guernsey Indicators of Poverty', which broadly follows the methodology used in England to identify areas of potential deprivation (as prescribed in Billet I, 2016). It provides a baseline for a set of indicators that cover a range of social aspects.

The use of wide-ranging measurements is important because they will give a more rounded view - in the context of a general lack of resources or opportunity - rather than focusing solely on relative low income. This report will help to identify topics in need of more in-depth assessment. For example, someone with a low income may have enough for their needs and might own a well-insulated home with no mortgage and enjoy good health, rarely visiting the doctor. By way of comparison, someone with a relatively high income might spend more on rent and need to visit the doctor often to manage a long-term illness or disability. As such, income is presented alongside the six other domains and it is important that all are considered before any firm conclusions are drawn.

Also of interest may be the Guernsey Household Income Report using new data sourced from the Rolling Electronic Census. This report has been expanded to include more information on income equality, such as Guernsey's Gini coefficient, decile ratios and an improved measure of those at risk of relative income poverty (defined as those with a net household income of less than 60% of the overall median, as per Billet I, 2016).

Follow this link to access older reports.

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Guernsey Indicators of Poverty Report 2016

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