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Horticulture - Laboratory Services

Contact Us - States Analytical Laboratory

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The States Analytical Laboratory, based in the Longue Rue (Burnt Lane), St Martin's, provides a range of services to accurately identify the nutritional needs, pests, diseases and disorders of horticultural and agricultural crops, as well as garden and native plants.

The Laboratory provides:

Support to local horticulture and agriculture businesses and the general public with plant pest and disease identification and control strategies as well as soil/plant nutrient analysis and advice. For further information on common garden pests and diseases, follow this link.

  1. Advice and guidance on the safe and proportionate use of garden and professional pesticide and fertiliser products in order to protect Guernsey's population, natural environment, water supply and indigenous wildlife.
  2. Assistance to the Plant Health Inspector to:


  • What services are available?

    • Nutrient analysis of soil, compost, nutrient solutions or plant sap and advice on fertiliser requirements.
    • Identification of pest disease and disorders of plants and advice on how to control them.
    • Virus testing of plants on request.
    • Site visits.
  • What will it cost?

    • Identification and advisory services are free of charge. Soil, compost and sap analysis and specific laboratory tests such as those for viruses and nematodes are charged for. Services are detailed in pdf icon Plant Laboratory Services 2023 [120kb] please contact the States Analytical Laboratory for pricing information.
  • When are the labs open?

    • The lab is open from 0900 - 1700 Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).
  • Where is the lab?

    • The lab is located in Longue Rue (Burnt Lane), St Martin's (on the same site as Raymond Falla House).


Please contact us for further information on the identification and control of pests, diseases or invasive species.


Plant Laboratory Services 2023

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