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Channel Islands Christmas Lottery

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The Channel Islands Lottery was founded in 1975 following the merger of the Lotteries of Guernsey and Jersey and is now the oldest lottery in the British Isles. A scratch card instant game aspect was introduced in 1997.


  • How the Lottery Works

    • There are two parts of the Channel Islands Lottery;
    • 1) instant-win games that operate all year and
    • 2) an annual Christmas Draw with a rising top prize and other cash prizes.  
  • Distribution of the Proceeds

    • The Guernsey proceeds from the lottery are distributed as follows:
      • Funds from the Christmas Draw to The Association of Guernsey Charities
      • Funds from the instant win scratch cards to Beau Sejour
      • to the Appropriation Account to be used either for major projects that will enhance properties or for the funding of events which have a particularly special significance to the Island's heritage and unique cultural identity
      • Jersey's share of the profits from the Lottery are applied to charitable purposes, through the Association of Jersey Charities
  • Charities Applying for Funding

    • Charities can apply to receive a grant from the Christmas Lottery through the Association of Guernsey Charities. To receive a grant the charity must be a Guernsey Registered Charity and a member of the Association of Guernsey Charities. 
    • Projects where the grant will be applied must be within the island, or for the benefit of islanders.
    • All applications are read and reviewed by the Association of Guernsey Charities Council. Organisations should ensure that their applications are clear, and provide as much information on the project, including  why they require the funding, and what the benefits would be to islanders. Applications must be accompanied by a full set of accounts together with any  relevant background information.
    • Further details on applying for lottery grants, together with the application form, are available on the Association of Guernsey Charities website here.
  • How can I claim a prize?

    • Prizes must be claimed not later than twelve months after the date of issue as announced by notice in La Gazette Officielle.
    • Scratch cards must be presented when claiming prizes.The "void if removed" panel must be present.The ticket holder is responsible for keeping scratch cards in good condition.
    • Prizes will be paid by agents, sub agents and retailers at their discretion and at Guernsey Post Office branches;
      • Rohais Post Office for prizes up to £200
      • Smith Street or Envoy House Reception for prizes up to £1000
      • and Envoy House Reception for prizes over £1,000. 
  • Further Information

    • Persons aged 18 years and over may participate in the Channel Islands Lottery. A full set of terms and conditions are available on request by contacting the Channel Island Lottery Officer on 01481 231200. 
    • or by post:
    • Channel Island Lottery,
    • Trading Assets Head Office,
    • Brickfield House,
    • St Andrew,
    • Guernsey,
    • GY6 8TY




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