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Maternity Services in Alderney

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A midwife from Guernsey will aim to visit Alderney every fortnight to provide care to pregnant women, newly delivered mothers and their babies.


This service can sometimes be disrupted by weather or technical flight issues. If this happens you can get your blood pressure and urine checked by a nurse at the Medical Centre and request a telephone call from the midwife.

The midwife will try to rebook her flight to Alderney but this is not always possible due to seat availability, weather conditions and pre-arranged commitments. We are committed to working closely with the GP's on Alderney to ensure an antenatal service is available if the midwife is unable to get to Alderney.

In addition to the routine fortnightly visits, the midwives also arrange further visits with the GP or Health Visitor if required once a mother and baby returns to Alderney.

It is recommended that all pregnant residents of Alderney travel to Guernsey from 37 weeks gestation until they have had their baby. Accommodation will be provided.

Baby 3

You can contact Loveridge Ward on 01481 224377 at any time of day or night. A midwife is available for advice and support 24/7.

You can also contact the Island Medical Centre on 01481 225241.

  • Can I have my baby on Alderney?

    • Unfortunately, due to the lack of qualified staff and emergency facilities for women in labour we do not support births in Alderney. All women are invited to have their baby with us here in Guernsey.
  • Can my partner stay with me?

    • Your partner will be able to stay with you whilst you are in labour, subject to a side room being available, you are welcome after you have had the baby.
  • What do I do if I go into labour before I have re-located to Guernsey?

    • Contact your GP in Alderney who will advise you of the next action to take.
    • It is really important that you are transferred to the maternity service in Guernsey without delay. If urgent this may be by the flying Christina. There are no Midwives or Obstetricians in Alderney who can look after you in labour or delivery your baby.
    • We must express that the safest way for you to have your baby is to be in Guernsey before you go into labour as we know that the transport links are unreliable and there have been many occasions this year when the flight to Guernsey would not have been available, thus causing delay and distress to you.
  • What happens after my baby has been born?

    • Once we are happy you and you baby are fit for discharge we will ensure that we facilitate your return home. We will make sure that your baby has had the newborn check and the hearing screening.
    • We know how important it is to you to go home as soon as you can, although it is vital that you and your baby are fully fit before you return to Alderney as your main contact with a Midwife will be via the telephone. We will arrange for a Midwife to see you at least once in Alderney between you leaving hospital and being discharged from Midwifery care to the care of your Health Visitor.

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