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Preparing to give birth

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Where to give birth

Currently on Loveridge ward we have 4 labour rooms. These consist of 3 'high risk' rooms and 1 'low risk' pool room called Lavender.

At your 36 appointment with either your Midwife or Consultant Obstetrician, your birthing options will be discussed with you. We will make recommendations based on your medical history, pregnancy so far and any potential complications. In some cases, we would advise that you would be more suited to giving birth in the high risk labour rooms.

Lavender Room

Lavender is our low risk pool room. Here we have tried to create a relaxed environment with the option to use water if that's your preference.

The room is allocated on a 'first come, first serve' basis and therefore may at times be already engaged. We do however, have another pool that can be inflated and used in one of the labour rooms (Ocean) if needed.

Lavender room bath

You will not be able to use the pool if you have used morphine analgesia (4 hours following the last dose) or if you should require an epidural.

Blossom, Woodland and Ocean

The main difference from Lavender room is that Blossom or Woodland do not have a pool. They have additional equipment that we use to monitor the baby, as well as for pain relief.

Labour room

In both settings, you will be cared for by the team of midwives and, if required, the Obstetrician who is 'on call' for that shift.

What do I need to bring into hospital for me and baby?

What to bring

For Mum

For Baby

· Green Antenatal Notes

· Nappies

· Loose, comfortable clothing
(for labour and after birth)

· Cotton wool or water wipes

· Pyjamas/night dress

· Baby-grows, vests, hats, mittens, socks

· Dressing gown

· Baby blankets

· Supportive bras (nursing bras if you are planning to breastfeeding)

· Muslin cloths

· Maternity pads

· Car seat (leave in the car until discharge)

· Underwear (disposable if you want - the larger the better!)

· Formula (if you are planning to bottle feed)

· Washbag, toiletries, flannel, lip balm


· Slippers/comfortable slip on shoes or flip-flops


· Things to help you pass the time and relax (books, magazines, music)


· Small fan or water spray


· Pillow or breastfeeding pillow


· TENs machine (if you are planning to use in labour)


· Any medications you are taking


· Snacks/energy drinks for labour


· Water bottle


· Phone chargers


· Nipple cream (if you are planning to breastfeed)


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