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Meet the Maternity Team

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Our Maternity services are provided by a Multi-Disciplinary Team [MDT]

You may receive care from Midwives, Obstetricians, Maternity Support Workers [MSW], Sonographers, Paediatricians and Anaesthetists. All these skilled professionals are either based in the hospital or community and will provide you and your families with the personalised care that you need throughout your experience.  Find out more about who they are and what they do: 

  • Management Team

    • The Senior Management Team at the Hospital ensure the strategic direction of our service, and also that policies and processes are implemented to a high standard.
    • Chief Secretary -Mark de Garis
    • Medical Director - Dr Peter Rabey
    • Chief Nurse and Head of Governance - Professor Juliet Beal
    • Head of Hospital Services - Dermott Mullin
    • Divisional Manager for Maternity & Children's Hospital Services/Head of Midwifery - Elaine Torrance
    • Consultant Midwife - Alex Hawkins Drew
    • Midwifery Matron - Annabel Nicholas
    • Operations Manager - Hazel Seymour
  • Midwives

    • Our Midwives will usually be your first point of contact within our Maternity service who all strive to deliver a personalised and safe, evidence based quality care for you at all times. They will treat all women and their families as we would wish to be cared for ourselves, with kindness, dignity and compassion. If you develop any complications during your pregnancy the Midwives will be the key co-ordinators working together with a Multi-disciplinary Team [MDT] to ensure we provide you with the most appropriate personalised care. The MDT consists of GP's, Obstetricians, Sonographers, Health Visitors and Social Workers to enable our service users to access the care and support they need.
  • Maternity Support Workers

    • Maternity Support Workers are a very important part of our Maternity Team and assist the Midwives in all aspects of caring for women's antenatal care, as well as during and after the birth of their babies.
    • This includes:
      • Accompanying women to other clinical departments under the direction of a Midwife
      • Visiting women at home before and after the birth of their babies
      • Providing breastfeeding support
      • In addition, they ensure that women and their families are as comfortable as possible and help out wherever needed. This includes preventing the spread of infection by:
      • Promoting effective hand washing among patients, visitors and other staff
      • Ensuring that patient and staff areas are kept clean as required
  • Community Team

    • The Community Midwifery Team are Midwives, Maternity Support Workers and an Administrator based at Lukis House.  The Community Team are currently assigned to parishes to make visits to our women and run antenatal clinics for all women in their pregnancy whether or not they are also being seen by an Obstetrician.  They are responsible for the Great Expectations parent craft classes and also the Bosom Buddies breast feeding support group.
    • They also continue the care for all women once discharged from hospital, with the first visit usually taking place the day after you have been discharged from hospital.  The Community Midwives can be contacted on 707682.
    • Practice within Community is currently under review and we are looking to provide a more integrated service which will be more personalised with much improved continuity of care.  We will announce these changes as soon as they are in place.
  • Obstetric Consultants

    • If you have an ongoing medical condition or develop a complication during your pregnancy then your care will either be led by a Consultant Obstetrician or they will play a role in your care in collaboration with the lead Midwife.
    • All of our Consultants are trained in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and fully accredited by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists [RCOG] and specialise in the care of women with normal and complex pregnancies.
    • To find out more about our Obstetric Consultants click here


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