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Holding a motor event on public land

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Motor sport events are a popular recreational activity and are enjoyed by many on the island. However, it is recognised that whilst there are benefits which derive from motor events, there are also potential downsides. Motor events will only be permitted when they meet the standards outlined below. These standards are aimed at managing the competing needs of people, event organisers and the environment.

Whilst motor events are enjoyable and can support both tourism and local business', they also have the potential to impact on other users and have negative environmental implications. 

If you are looking to hold a motor event on public land, please read the below information and then complete the Motor Events on Public Land form by clicking here 

If you are looking to organise a motor sport event on the Public Highway, information and an application form can be found on our traffic management for events webpage.

  • The Law 

    • A motor vehicle race which is taking place away from public roads, and has more then 10 participants, must be licensed by the Royal Court in accordance with the Control of Motor Vehicle Racing (Guernsey) Ordinance, 1948. The Royal Court may only refuse a licence or require conditions on a licence if the race might either 1) cause a nuisance to occupiers of land near to the race site, or 2) not be in harmony with the natural surroundings of that site. When considering a licence application, the Royal Court requires a report from the Douzaine of any Parish concerned in relation to point 1 above and a report from ACLMS in relation to point 2.
    • In addition, the use of beaches, including the foreshore, for motor events is covered by The Foreshore (Riding and Driving) Ordinance, 1951. This ordinance restricts the use of the foreshore for driving on between 1st May and the 15th September between the hours of 10am - 7pm, unless collecting beach material or hauling fish, boats, or their gear. Permits must be obtained from the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure for any individual or group driving on the foreshore within the specified time frame.
    • The law which governs the use of public land is the Places of Recreation Ordinance, 1975. Included in this ordinance are restrictions on the use of specified areas of land for driving and covers land owned by the States, La Societe & parishes. Event organisers are required to seek permission from ACLMS, as the land manager, for any motor events held on land included in Part 1 of the Schedule. 
  • The application process and conditions

    • A prospective event organiser must demonstrate how they have identified, considered and mitigated risks to the on-site environment, built infrastructure and people.  
    • If an event is for over 10 people, we ask that event organisers provide the following information to ACLMS at least 4 weeks before the relevant Royal Court date (as required by the Control of Motor Vehicle Racing Ordinance). If the event is for less then 10 people, we ask the same information is supplied to ACLMS two weeks before the event. Please submit information via the Motor Events on Public Land Form by clicking here 
    • 1.      A map showing the route/course to be used and where other related vehicle movement will take place on the site. To include points of access, egress and emergency rendezvous points where applicable.
    • 2.      A risk assessment that fully considers potential risks to people, infrastructure and the on-site environment 
    • 3.      Confirmation that the Event organiser has indemnified the States of Guernsey against any loss or damage arising as a consequence of the actions of the organiser and proof that the organiser holds a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance.
    • 4.      Confirmation that the event is organised in compliance with all relevant Guernsey legislation including, but not restricted to, laws relating to health and safety, environmental health, pollution and animal welfare.
    • 5.      Confirmation that the event organiser has consulted:
      • a.      The relevant Parish(es) and supplied them with ACLMS contact details should they wish to raise any concerns.
      • b.      Nearby commercial operators, such as kiosk owners, where an event is expected to attract more than 50 people.
      • c.       Where applicable a PA licence has been secured, more information to be found here: Organising an event - States of Guernsey (
      • d.      Other relevant stakeholders and that any reasonable conditions they may stipulate are met.  Any such conditions should be recorded and submitted to ACLMS by the organiser with a written assurance from the organiser stating that it agrees to comply.
    • 6.      Confirmation that during and after the event:
      • a.      Cleaning materials and spill kits that do not use chemical dispersant are made available on site and, where appropriate, at locations along any the route to immediately deal with the spillage of any fuel or other materials or chemicals with the potential to cause pollution.
      • b.      Any damage to public or private land, including any spills, are recorded accurately e.g. location, type of damage and action taken, reported to ACLMS immediately following the event.
      • c.      Any damage is to be made good and, if required, appropriate warning signs arranged, prior to the re-opening of land. The event organiser will be responsible for meeting the cost of any repair of the damage.
  • No drive areas 

    • Most areas of the natural environment which are accessible to the public are either designated as Sites of Special Significance (SSSs) or Areas of Biodiversity Importance (ABIs). SSSs afford the highest level of environmental protection under Guernsey planning law in recognition of their important biological status.  Consequently, permission will not be granted for motor events on any land designated as a SSS. For land designated as an ABI (includes most of the foreshore) permission may be granted for motor events provided that event organisers can prove they have appropriate measures in place to prevent or mitigate damage to the natural environment (these may include, vehicle health checks, spill kits, re-fuelling off site, limiting the race site ect).
    • No motor sport event will be approved if it were to include driving or riding on any shingle bank at any time of year[1]. Nor would any event that included driving & riding motorised vehicles on any part of a Ramsar site at any time of year.
  • Voluntary carbon offsetting 

    • In line with the changes being implemented in various forms of motor sport around the world, and the commitment by governments including the States of Guernsey to reduce the significant impact of climate change, we encourage the emissions from automotive related activities to be considered. It is hoped that organisers may recognise the benefits to themselves of addressing negative perceptions of the sport.
    • Motor sport events are encouraged to reduce the use of fossil fuels wherever possible (including transport to events, use of generators, types of fuel used etc) in the first instance.
    • If this isn't possible, then the mitigation (or 'offsetting') of carbon could be considered. The process of offsetting carbon is a relatively new concept, and no specific form is currently recommended. Event organisers are requested to consider how best to avoid or mitigate the carbon emissions of their events.
    • Alternatively, a simple option for event organisers may be to make a voluntary donation to support local biodiversity projects. Such projects improve the health of Guernsey's habitats so they can help to capture and store carbon. We offer the following simple matrix and suggested donation amounts for event organisers to consider.
    • Motor events table


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