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Neighbourhood Nuisances

Contact Us - Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation

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The Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation deals with complaints relating to neighbourhood nuisances including;

With ongoing or intermittent complaints the complainant is generally provided with 'nuisance log sheets'.  These sheets are used by the complainant to detail the times of the problem and to indicate briefly how it is affecting them.

Details of Guernsey's 'real time' air quality data can be found on this website

An out of hours emergency service is provided by Housing to respond to emergency complaints that occur outside normal office hours.  If a complaint is of an urgent nature then an Environmental Health Officer can be contacted via the Princess Elizabeth Hospital switchboard system.

  • Noise Nuisance

    • Complaints of noise nuisance can be investigated by the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation but it should be noted that complaints that relate to certain antisocial behaviour (e.g. late night noise from people in the street) are dealt with by the Police. Housing also has no powers relating to the noise from traffic on the public highway or aircraft noise.
  • Noise from Construction / Demolition Sites

    • 'Normal' working hours for construction sites are between 08:00 hours and 18:00 hours during weekdays and between 08:00 and 13:00 hours on Saturday. There should normally be no noisy work on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays. Under some circumstances it may be necessary for work to be carried out during these times but this should be a planned activity and measures should be taken to reduce the disturbance.
    • Where works are required to take place outside of the guideline hours it is advised that domestic neighbours are contacted. Further information is available in the downloads section.
  • Domestic Noise

    • Noise from neighbours can be very disturbing and can constitute a noise nuisance. Many noise problems can be resolved by talking to the person responsible, as they may not be aware that their activities are causing a disturbance. Usually this action can help to resolve the matter amicably, without the need for this Office to become involved. If this is not feasible or if this has not been successful then noise complaints can be investigated by Housing.
  • Noise from Animals

    • Persistent dog barking or other animal noise can irritate and disturb neighbours. Like neighbourhood noise problems, disturbance from a barking dog or other creatures can usually be resolved by talking to the person responsible, as they may not be aware of the situation.  In the event that you need to make a complaint then you should contact the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation.
  • Smoke Nuisance - Domestic Bonfires

    • Domestic burning is not encouraged and only green waste (i.e. dry garden refuse) should be burned at domestic properties.  Toxic material (such as plastic) should never be burned.  Domestic refuse can and should be collected by the regular collection service provided by your parish. If you have extra refuse then the most suitable method of disposal is at Mont Cuet Landfill site. There is a green waste disposal site at Chouet Horticultural Site and you may dispose of green waste at this site. If you do intend to have a bonfire at home then you should be considerate of your neighbours and take into account the weather condition (e.g. don't burn when the prevailing wind is blowing towards a nearby property, don't burn in damp conditions etc.)
  • Smoke Nuisance - Commerical Bonfires

    • It is a legal requirement that all producers of commercial waste take reasonable measures to ensure that their waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner so as to protect the environment. Open burning of commercial waste is only permitted under very limited exemptions (relating to green waste) under local legislation.


Construction site guidance Acoustic consultants list 2016 Air Quality Survey Air Quality Screening and Assessment Document

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