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Our hospital modernisation

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​​​​​​​Work is still on track to commence significant upgrades to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital this year.

This exciting project follows a direction to  HSC in March 2019 to progress a ten-year programme to modernise areas of  the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, in support of the Partnership of Purpose. It's all part of a bigger plan to futureproof our health and social care system to cope with an ageing population and ongoing fiscal pressures.

POP Flowchart

Upgrading the hospital is a priority. Demand has already outstripped capacity and there are a number of areas of clinical risk. These issues will only worsen if left unaddressed.

We now have an overall plan to complete the proposed upgrades across three phases, with careful sequencing of work to ensure minimal disruption to hospital services throughout - we must maintain a fully-functional hospital while we upgrade it.

Hospital modernisation

Phase 1 construction due to start in October (Phases 2 & 3 awaiting States sign off to proceed)

Phase 1 has been approved by the States of Deliberation and funding is in place. Our procurement process has attracted interest from a number of Guernsey companies who have registered their interest to support this work.

Phase 1 includes a new Critical Care Unit with increased capacity from 7 to 12 beds and an adjacent Theatre Recovery Unit with 10 beds that can swiftly be converted to additional critical care beds to support any future pandemic demands or other emergency situations. We have achieved formal sign off for the RIBA 3 architectural drawings, which are the detailed layout and room designs. But to guarantee the works will go ahead an extensive submission and tendering process is still required.

The next step is to complete the final stage of architectural work, known as RIBA 4. This covers all the finishing touches of the design process, such as flooring and other fittings, which enables exact costs to be calculated. This will enable a full business case to be taken to our Committee for Health & Social Care for approval. Then the final stage will be capital funding, which will allow us to progress this important programme of work to support our future service provision.

Following that the full tendering process will get underway.

This page will be updated regularly. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or if you would like to contact us to ask a question about the PEH Modernisation Programme, please email:



Policy Letter - A Partnership of Purpose Transforming Bailiwick Health & Care 13th Nov 2017

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