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Organising an event

Contact Us - Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation

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This page tells you some of the things you may need to do if you are organising an event, which could impact on others or the environment.

  • Fireworks

  • PA / Loudspeaker Permits

    • If you are running a public event and want to use loudspeakers or a public address (PA) system to play music, make speeches, have commentary or to make any other amplified broadcast then you will need to apply for a permit. Please allow 5 working days for an application to be processed. 
    • A flow chart showing the application process (and whether your event needs a permit) is available in the downloads section of this web page.
    • An application form and guidance regarding Noise Management Plans (NMPs) are also available to download.
    • PA permits were previously issued by the Police but, from October 2015, all applications to use loudspeakers in public places should be made to the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation.
  • Event safety

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Noise Management Plan Guidance Permit NMP Flow Chart Small music event generic risk assessment Purple Guide UK (2010) PA permit application

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