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The Personal Injury Discount Rate and related matters

Personal injury consultation

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The "Damages Law" was registered before the Royal Court in 2021 and the Ordinance commenced in 2022. The policy letter introducing the Damages Law sets out a requirement for secondary legislation which will set the discount rate*, and for consultation to consider the introduction of a system to recover healthcare costs and potentially to limit damages awards.

The consultation document:

•    explains the concept of the personal injury discount rate, the proposed discount rate and considers when the rate should be reviewed,
•    explains periodic payment orders,
•    explains recovering healthcare costs, and
•    explores possible measures to limit awards of damages.

The consultation began on the 5th April 2022 and ended on 17th May 2022. 

Update on consultation process - May 2023

The Policy & Resources Committee is pleased to publish the consultation responses to the Personal Injury Discount Rate consultation, which it now does with the consent from those who responded. (Redactions have been applied where appropriate to protect the identities of the individuals responding on a personal basis.) The Committee is very grateful to all of those who took the time to respond to the Consultation.

The consultation responses can be found in the 'downloads' section of this page.

*The discount rate for personal injury claims is a contentious issue which has attracted strongly opposing views in the UK and, more recently, Jersey. Small changes in the rate can have a big effect on large lump sum awards.




PIDR Consultation Paper PIDR Consultation Feedback - Redacted

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