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Employment Permits

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Following a change in law on 3rd April 2017, everyone living in Guernsey aged 16+ needs to hold a Certificate or Permit to show that they have permission to live and work here.

Employment Permits

Employment Permits (previously referred to as a "right to work") are granted to people who have been invited to live in Guernsey because of their employment skills, or because Guernsey doesn't have enough people to undertake all the jobs that need filling (this is sometimes referred to as a manpower shortage).

Most Employment Permits enable the holder to live and work in Guernsey for a fixed period of time but some people, because of the skills they have, will be invited to live in Guernsey for long enough for them and their immediate family to become Permanent Residents.

Employment Permits are conditional on the holder doing specific full-time (usually at least 35 hours a week) job for a specific employer.  If this condition is broken, the Permit becomes invalid.



IMPORTANT: Changes to Employment Permits from May 2018 Quick Guide to Certificates and Permits Employment Permit Reconversion

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