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The overall aim of the residential function is to ensure Prisoners are encouraged to engage with available regimes by meeting their daily needs whilst being kept in safe, humane, decent and secure conditions.

Staff will act as positive role models and ensure that prisoners' domestic needs are catered for in respect of the activities of daily living including living accommodation, furniture, fittings and bedding, personal hygiene and clothing. Prisoners must be afforded time out of their living accommodation, time in the open air, the opportunity for family contact through phone calls and visits.

The system of privileges aims to encourage responsible behaviour in prisoners; to encourage effort and achievement in work and other constructive activity; to encourage sentenced prisoners to take an active part in their rehabilitation and engage in positive sentence management and benefit from activities designed to reduce reoffending; to help prison staff or other prisoners, and to create a disciplined, controlled and safer custodial environment for prisoners, staff and visitors.

First Night And Induction 

It is fully understood that coming into custody will cause a great deal of stress and pressure. It is also recognised that prisoners are unlikely to remember everything that is explained during the reception process. This is why we have a procedure called the First Night process. An officer will locate a new prisoner in their accommodation and familiarise them with the things that are important, further induction will take place during the programmed induction week.

The initial induction will include: 

The locating Officer will also explain the visits process. This invovles booking a visit, how many visits the prisoner is entitled to, times of the visits and what is required from the visitor.  

Anti Social Behaviour

Guernsey Prison will contribute to, and benefit from, a safe, non-threatening environment for those who live and work in prisons. Prisoners, staff, and visitors are able to confidentially report any concerns they have regarding anti social behaviour to the custody team. Following an initial investigation, the prisoner alleged to demonstrating anti social behaviour can be placed on a level of monitoring depending on evidence and severity.

Should you wish to discuss any concerns you may have, please contact the Prison on 01481 222025.

Safer Custody

Prisoners at risk of self-harming are managed through a process known as Assessment Care in Custody and Teamwork (ACCT), which is an individualised care plan for prisoners. ACCT Assessors are trained to carry out a thorough assessment of the level of risk that a prisoner presents.

Prisoners are supported by the Samaritans who have close involvement with training and support the provision of the Prisoner Listener Scheme. All prisoners are seen on first night reception by the duty listeners who introduce themselves and the role they play. This includes a 24-7 on call system, which allows listeners to attend those prisoners in need.

Incentive And Earned Privilege 

Guernsey Prison operates an I.E.P. scheme, full details of which are given to the prisoner on reception.  There are three levels; basic, for those prisoners who have demonstrated insufficient commitment to rehabilitation and purposeful activity or behaved badly and/or who have not engaged sufficiently with the regime. Standard is for all prisoners who are considered to be meeting rehabilitation expectations, participating in the regime and behaving well. The Enhanced level (highest level) of the IEP scheme is reserved for those prisoners who have demonstrated for a minimum of 56 days that they are fully committed to their rehabilitation, seeking to reduce reoffending, complying with the regime, and meeting the behavioural expectations.  All prisoners commence their sentence on the standard level.

Guernsey Prison is a working Prison, and all prisoners are required to be engaged in employment and/or education unless otherwise exempt.


All prisoners have access to applications either through in cell I.T. or paper copies. These are dealt with by the Custody function were possible within three working days.

E Mail A Prisoner 

As part of our prisoner communication we have the facility where family and friends can make contact  by email. All you have to do is log on to or for further information call 0844 873 3111.

Personal Officer 

Every Prisoner is allocated Primary and Secondary Personal Officers who will assist during their time in prison. They are there to help and to offer advice and support on all matters relating to the prison. They may be able to assist with welfare and resettlement matters and contribute to the sentence planning process. They will be in regular contact and will help with any problems. 


Upon reception, property is dealt with as soon as possible and all authorised property allowed in possession will be returned to the prisoner within three working days. New receptions have a seven-day window from the day they came into Prison in which property can be handed in. Property must be dropped off between the hours of 8:30am - 9:30am.

We also have an exchange system (seasonal clothing) every three months from reception date. 

In Cell I.T. And Phones

Guernsey Prison has a telephone in each cell so that prisoners can make calls to Family and Friends; this facility also allows them to call Advocates and other agencies within the privacy of their own cell. Please note, it can take up to 48 hours for any telephone numbers to be added due to numerous checks. This timeframe will increase if on the weekend.

Within each cell, there are in-cell terminals which can be used for education purposes, submitting applications etc. Relevant training will be given on how to use the terminals.

Personal Hygiene And Cleaning 

All prisoners have access to the showers daily.  Toiletries and cleaning equipment are also provided to ensure a clean and decent environment.


The Prison Chaplaincy provides for the spiritual care of prisoners and staff of all religions. Anyone who needs support, spiritual help or guidance has access to the Chaplaincy.   The Chaplaincy is there to support people whether they are religious or not. As part of the Prison's Induction every prisoner will be invited to meet with the Chaplain; 


Guernsey Prison Service is fully committed to providing an environment that is fully inclusive, fair and open toward all individuals. The principles of equality, diversity, and respect for an individual's differences are valued.

Diversity is a term used to describe the variety and cultures that make up our communities. It is about every one of us and ensures that we are all treated in a fair and appropriate way.

The diversity strands and protected characteristics are:

The Prison's moral objectives are to:

As and when a suspected diversity incident has been reported, the Diversity Team will investigate the issue then Custody will deal with the outcome of the report. If the investigation has enough evidence, then the individual will be placed on Anti-Social Behaviour monitoring for a period of two weeks and maybe disciplined.


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