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Purple Tuesday - Improving the experience for customers with a disability

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Tuesday 12 November 2019

The States of Guernsey is working to improve the experience of customers with a disability and to make access to its services easier.

Tuesday 12th November 2019 is the second Purple Tuesday event which promotes the importance of accessibility but also the importance of good customer service.

Across the States work is ongoing to improve access to certain key buildings. The Information Centre is currently having a ramp installed to improve wheelchair access.

The relocation of the Corporate Customer Services desk to Edward T Wheadon House prompted a review of the access for both staff and customers.

The latest improvement is a platform lift and automated doors to improve the access for staff who are wheelchair users.

Christina Bacon, Facilities Manager, said:

"The opportunity to improve facilities at Edward T Wheadon House for staff and the public was too good to miss. ESS is all about Accessibility and Inclusion and the new toilet facilities, new spacious and up-to-Accessibility-standard lifts, automated doors and the new platform lift at the entrance by the Truchot staff door means that we are able to employ any person who uses a wheelchair, or with any other disability without having to make special arrangements. We have received great comments from the public and staff alike, especially in respect of the new lifts."

Good customer service is recognised in the States customer charter and the importance of providing additional support to customers when required. Many staff across the States are supporting Purple Tuesday and reviewing how they can help customers with different disabilities in the area in which they work.

Online Disability Awareness training is provided for all States employees, but is also available to all who live and work on Guernsey. More details of how to access that training can be found here: Awareness training. Many staff have also undertaken hidden disability and dementia awareness training to support them in their roles.

Gill Evans, Disability Officer, said:

"Awareness training aims to give people some insight to different disabilities and how people with disabilities may benefit from help, assistance and understanding."

The job centre staff have also undertaken additional training from third parties who support customers with disabilities. This means they can tailor the support that they are able to give, adjusting training sessions to meet the needs of those with disabilities, possibly providing online training for those who cannot attend the interactive sessions. The work rehabilitation scheme further maximises opportunities for people to get back to work, working closely with different agencies to achieve this - including Ron Short Centre, Giving Opportunity (GO), Guernsey Employment Trust (GET) and Action For Children (AFC).

For more information about how you can improve the experience of customers with a disability follow the link to the purple Tuesday website and for more information about improvements taking place across the States follow the link to Disability Review.

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