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Below are several commonly asked questions, click on them to see the answer. Your appointment letter will give you information specific to your examination(s). However if you want more information please call the department.

  • How do I contact the department?

    • The department can be contacted by telephone on (01481) 707383.
  • What if I miss my appointment?

    • Please contact the department on (01481) 707383. If you still need the examination then we can re-arrange the appointment. If you no longer require the examination please let us know so we can remove it from our systems.
  • What if I'm not able to make the given appointment?

    • Please contact us on (01481) 707383 to re-arrange the appointment.
  • Where are you?

    • We are situated next to the Emergency Department. Our check in desk is shared with the Emergency Department, the receptionist will tell you which area to go and wait in.
  • How long will it take?

    • All examinations take a different amount of time, from 10 minutes to over 4 hours for some of the more complex procedures. Your letter may give some indication of how long you will be with us for. If you wish to know how long your examination is likely to take please call us on (01481) 707383.
  • How do I get the results of my examination?

    • The results are usually sent to the doctor who referred you for the exam, so you may need to make a follow up appointment. If you have been sent from a clinic your consultant will discuss the findings with you directly.
  • What is parking like?

    • At times parking can be difficult. There are usually enough spaces but they may not necessarily be near the entrance. As a visitor you are free to use any parking space, including staff spaces.
  • Where do I check in?

    • Radiology and Emergency Department share a reception desk on level 1 of the PEH, accessed through the Emergency Department entrance.
  • Is there any preparation for the examination?

    • Some examinations do have specific dietary advice that needs to be followed, others have a requirement to remove certain items of jewellery. Any preparation for your examination will be detailed in your appointment letter.
  • Will I have to get changed?

    • Some examinations will require you to change into an examination gown, depending on what is being examined. You will be given instructions when you attend.
  • Can I just turn up for an X-ray?

    • You can only have an examination in the Radiology Department if your Doctor or Specialist has referred you for one. Most examinations require an appointment however some plain X-rays that your GP refers you for can be done as "open access". This is Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) between 08:45 and 13:00 for patients from Island Health (L'Aumone, St Sampson's and Town [Francis House]) and Queens Road Group (Queen's Road and Le Longfrie) practices and between 13:00 and 16:30 for patients from Healthcare Group (Rohais, Cobo, St Martin's and High Street [Boots]). You may turn up no sooner than 1 working day after you have seen your GP. This allows the request to be checked prior to your examination..
  • I have allergies, will that affect the examination?

    • In most cases it won't, allergies are only really of concern for examinations which require an injection. If there are specific concerns over allergies you will have been asked about them in your appointment letter. You will also be asked about them at the time of your procedure. If you are not asked then it will not affect the procedure but it will be no harm to mention any you have though.
  • I am taking medication, will that affect the examination?

    • Some examinations require certain medication to be stopped for a period before or after the day of the exam. These are usually examinations that require an injection. This information will be in your appointment letter.
  • Can I bring someone with me?

    • Yes, but for safety reasons they may not be able to accompany you in the X-ray room, except in special circumstances or in the case of young children.

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