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Recruitment and rehabilitation grants

Contact Us - Social Security

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These grant payments from Social Security are intended to give financial assistance to employers of people who are returning to work after extended periods of time.

There are two grants provided by Social Security with the aim of encouraging employers and charity organisations to support people's return to work.

  • Recruitment Grant

    • To claim this grant an employer (including a charity or not-for-profit organisation) must recruit an employee who is a Guernsey or Alderney resident and who has claimed unemployment benefit or incapacity benefit for at least six months continuously up to the date of recruitment.
    • The grant is paid in three stages. Firstly a payment after the first four weeks that the new recruit in post. A payment is also available after 12 weeks and finally a payment can be received after 26 weeks weeks of working together. An employee must still be employed under the same basic conditions on each of the three stage payments.
    • The grant can also include financial support for training, both in general skills and job specific skills training. This part of the grant needs to be applied for separately by giving a brief outline of the training that the employee will receive.
    • More information, including the payment rates, is provided in the Recruitment Grant - Notes for Employers leaflet in the downloads section of this page. You can also find the Grant Application form, and the associated claim forms in that section. For more information about the grant and recruitment opportunities contact The Job Centre using the information provided
  • Third Sector Work Rehabilitation Grant

    • This grant is only available to charities and not-for profit (Third Sector) organisations. It is available for organisations who work directly with people who need support to return to work and it is to help with the costs of work rehabilitation or a return to work. The grant scheme can also offer an organisation the opportunity to diversify and take on new activities which may not have previously been possible because of resource limitations.
    • Providing the application for this grant meets the requirements of helping with someone's work rehabilitation or a return to work, the organisation making the request can be of any size or scope. It can also be used to develop or extend and existing activity.
    • We would suggest you contact Social Security, using the contact box on this page, to arrange a meeting to discuss your request before completing the application form. We can also provide you with more information about the application process.
    • The Third Sector Grant Funding Application form is provided for your information and use in the downloads section.





Third Sector Grant Funding Application Recruitment Grant Leaflet Recruitment Grant - Application Recruitment Grant - 4 week application Recruitment Grant - 12 week application Recruitment Grant - 26 week application

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