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Request recycling bags

An island-wide delivery of vouchers to enable islanders to top up with recycling bags took place at the end of July 2017.  If you didn't receive a voucher, please complete the form below and we will send you one.

You can redeem your voucher for a roll of clear bags and a roll of blue bags from any of the stores listed on the back of the voucher. Inside each of these new rolls will be your next voucher, approximately 3 bags from the end of the roll.  This means you won't ever have to request a voucher from us again!  Just wait until your new voucher drops out near the end of the roll, and then you'll instantly be able to pick up a new supply from one of the local supermarkets.


Please note, some of the older vouchers have an expiry date of September 2017; however, there is no need to request a replacement voucher as the stores will still accept these vouchers.

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