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Corporate Tax Returns

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All companies registered in Guernsey are required to complete an online tax return each year. This requirement is outlined in the pdf icon Notice to File [223kb].

2022 Corporate Tax Returns are now available to complete. Details of how to register for the MyGov portal can be found below. The deadline for 2022 returns was 29 February 2024.

2023 Corporate Tax Returns are now available to complete. Details of how to register for the MyGov portal can be found below. The deadline for 2023 returns is 31 January 2025. 

The deadline for 2024 returns will be 30 November 2025.

Payroll co funding scheme grants to support business and the self-employed

A reminder for when you are completing your income tax returns. The payments received from the Payroll Co-Funding Scheme are a taxable source of income and must be declared on your tax return for the relevant year.

However, any grants received to support businesses and the self-employed are not a taxable receipt and so do not need to be declared on the return.

For more information please see Statement of Practice B17.

You will need a tax reference number to register. Information on how to obtain one can be found on our Tax information for Companies page.

To register a user:

  1. Go to MyGov - Revenue Service
  2. Click on Organisation Registration
  3. Enter your organisation's name (company, partnership, entity name etc). This is the name that you registered with the service.
  4. Enter the first and last name of the user you would like to register. This should be the main contact for the organisation.
  5. Enter the business email address for the user (please be aware that you will need a different address to register the personal tax return).
  6. Enter the user's main contact number
  7. Create a password.

After completing these steps, an email will be sent to the user's business email address to verify their email.

To verify your email:

  1. In the email, click verify your email to complete your registration. Please note that this verification link expires after 30 minutes. You can request another verification email if it has expired by clicking on the link provided in the original verification email.
  2. Once your email is verified you will be redirected to the sign-in page. You will need to log in using the email and password that you have set up. You will then need to complete the further steps below to finalise your organisation's registration*

*Note: You have to finalise your registration to create your memorable word which is required to log in.

To complete the registration of your organisation:

  1. Sign in using your business email address and password previously provided.
  2. Click sign in.
  3. Create memorable word. You will need to provide this every time you log in.
  4. Select two security questions and provide the answers to these. These are required if you forget your memorable word and need to log in.
  5. Confirm name of organisation. This will be the same name you used when you set up the user and is the same name you registered with the Service.
  6. Enter the tax reference for the organisation.
  7. Click register now.
  8. You should now be successfully registered and will be taken to your dashboard. This is where you can see outstanding and previously completed returns for your organisation.

For more information about how companies are taxed and their obligations for Guernsey Income Tax purposes see Tax information for companies.





Notice to File 2023 Notice to File 2022

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