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Other tax forms

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Find other Income Tax forms and associated guides, notes and helpsheets

Income Tax Returns can be found on our Personal Tax Returns page.

Allowances and reliefs

pdf icon Form CC2(a) (up to and including 2022) [213kb] - Relinquishment of personal allowance

pdf icon Form CC2(b) (from 2023) [690kb] - Relinquishment of personal allowance

pdf icon Deduction form - lecturer [155kb] - Claim for a deduction in respect of books supplied by a lecturer

pdf icon Division of allowances form [311kb] - Division of allowances

pdf icon Application for Tax Relief on Guernsey Pensions [227kb] - Application for relief for Guernsey pensions (UK claimants)

pdf icon Claim for Personal and Other Allowances - Pensions (non residents) [224kb] - Application for relief for Guernsey pensions (non-resident other than UK)

pdf icon Interest relief - family arrangements form [141kb] - Interest relief - family arrangements

pdf icon Form 712 [123kb] - Coding Notice - claim for Personal Allowances

pdf icon Form 1339 [213kb] - Dividends claim for credit

Assessments, penalties and appeals

pdf icon Request for Revision of Interim Assessment [155kb] - Form to revise an Interim Assessment

pdf icon Form 690(a) [155kb] - Appeals against final assessments/surcharges/supplements (do not use for Interim Assessments)

pdf icon Form 690(b) [170kb] - Appeals against penalty orders

pdf icon Form 690(c) [453kb] - Request for suspension of tax (do not use for Interim Assessments)

pdf icon Form 697 [220kb] - Amendment Notice

pdf icon Notice of Appeal Against the Calculation of a Penalty Order [253kb] - Form 690(d) Notice of Appeal Against the Calculation of a Penalty Order


Entering or leaving Guernsey 

pdf icon New Arrivals/Returning to Guernsey form [272kb] - New Arrivals/Returning to Guernsey

pdf icon Leaving Guernsey Guide [161kb]

pdf icon Leaving Guernsey Form [266kb] - Leaving Guernsey


Changes in circumstance

pdf icon Buying property form [180kb] - Buying property

pdf icon Notification of marriage form [178kb] - Notification of marriage

pdf icon Notification of separation form [168kb] - Notification of separation

pdf icon Form 573 [169kb] - School leavers

pdf icon Form 574 [176kb] - Students

pdf icon Students Guide [136kb]


Tax refunds 

pdf icon Repayment Request Form [210kb] - Repayment request form

Business and self-employed

pdf icon Form 366 [577kb] - Self-employment - commencement

pdf icon Form 370(a) [364kb] - New employer registration

pdf icon Form 370b [146kb] - Ceased employing checklist

pdf icon Form 389A [146kb] - Application for an ETI Exemption Certificate

pdf icon Form 389B [156kb] - Application for an ETI Exemption Certificate Renewal

pdf icon Benefit in kind return [142kb]

spreadsheet icon ETI adjustment form [69kb]

Dealing with Revenue Service

pdf icon Form of Authority (individual customers) [279kb] - Form of Authority (customers)

pdf icon Form of Authority (1012a) Professional Advisors Mar23 [144kb] - Form of Authority (professional advisors)

pdf icon Withdrawal of Form of Authority [235kb] - Form of Authority (Withdrawal)

Companies and other entities

pdf icon Company Registration Form [236kb] - Company registration

pdf icon Company Requesting Non Resident Status Form [616kb] - Company requesting non-resident status

pdf icon Request For Company Migration Form [618kb] - Company migration

pdf icon Company in Liquidation Form [279kb] - Company liquidation

pdf icon Company Incorporation Form [151kb] - Company incorporation

pdf icon Additional Company Directors Form [166kb] - Additional company directors

pdf icon Form 713 [614kb] - Voluntary strike-off

pdf icon Partnership Registration Form [212kb] - Partnership registration

pdf icon Distribution Return [145kb] - Distribution Return


msword icon Form 702 [79kb] - BEPS Action 5 - Application for a Guernsey Tax Ruling

pdf icon Form 680 [275kb] - Final Tax Certificate

pdf icon Form NRD1 [193kb] - Non-resident deduction


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