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Understand your interim assessment tax bill

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People who do not have tax deducted at source, which may include business or rental income, bank interest or an old age pension, will receive an interim tax assessment.

The income amounts included in the assessment are based on figures from your most recent final assessment. An estimate will be included if previous figures are not available.

Any income you have from wages or pensions where Guernsey tax is deducted at source, will not have been included in the assessment.

What happens next

The statement of account (attached to the interim assessment) will include a date in which the payment must be made.

These deadlines are usually:

30 June - for your first payment on account

31 December - for your second payment on account

Make payment

  • If you can provide more accurate figures for your assessment

    • We understand that your circumstances may have changed for example, your estimate of business profit may be lower than in previous years.
    • You can provide a more realistic level of income for the current year and request that tax is suspended if you think the assessment is too high by requesting a suspension of tax online.
    • Unless you have agreed a payment plan with the Revenue Service, you will need to pay the amount you think you need to pay by the due dates shown on the statement of account attached to your interim assessment.
    • For example, your interim assessment showed tax due of £2,000. Your business has been impacted by COVID-19 therefore you estimate tax due of £1,400 for 2020. You request a suspension of £600 tax online. You then need to make a payment of £700 (50% of £1,400) by 30 June and another £700 by 31 December, or request a payment plan.
    • Request a suspension of tax online.
    • Tax agents and advisors can also request a suspension of tax on behalf of their client(s) using this alternative online form.
  • If you cannot pay your interim assessment bill in full

  • High earners

    • If your income exceeds £100,000, all of your allowances (apart from pension contributions up to £1,000) will have been removed from your interim assessment automatically, following the decision made by the States of Deliberation to withdraw the personal and other tax allowances from individuals, at a rate of £1 for every £5 that your income is above the limit.
    • When your final assessment is issued, the personal and other tax allowances you are due will be given.
    • If you think your income will only just be above the limit and you will be entitled to some allowances in your interim assessment, you can let us know by requesting a suspension of tax online.



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