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Revenue Service Programme

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The new service which will be introduced shortly, combining both Income Tax and Contributions service areas

The Revenue Service will be a customer focused and cost efficient service for the revenue collection of income tax and social security contributions, supported by an efficient organisational structure and IT systems. For more information in relation to the Revenue Service, please click on the tabs below:

  • What are the outcomes to the Revenue Service? 

    • Improve Customer Satisfaction

      • This will involve streamlining customer interactions whilst providing a more modern and flexible service built around customers' needs. A well-designed service should make it easy for customers to get things right and difficult to get things wrong.
    • Deliver service improvements and a single organisational structure for the collection of revenue

      • This will require a focus on process efficiency and effectiveness, supported by service integration, investment in skills and the removal of duplication, and
    • Significantly reduce operating costs

      • This will require the programme to design and deliver a value for money service that collects as much as possible of the revenue due to the states, but in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • What are the benefits of the Revenue Service?

    • Protect revenue collection

      • By reducing the risks associated with the current IT systems
    • Provide the opportunity to make savings

      • By bringing together similar services, introducing more automation and removing some IT maintenance and postage costs
    • Improve customer experience

      • By introducing easy to use digital services, tailoring the customer experience, and providing a single point of contact for customers
    • Help our reputation

      • By including dedicated resource for complex and high-risk cases, international work and intelligence-led compliance
    • Provide greater opportunity

      • For staff development and progression by introducing more diverse roles

Some frequently asked questions have been developed below to help customers understand how Revenue Service is likely to affect them.

  • What does the Revenue Service mean for me?

    • One of the benefits that you, as a customer, should expect to see is an improvement in your experience when dealing with the new service. This will be achieved by introducing easy to use digital services, tailoring the customer experience specific to your needs and providing a single point of contact for our customers for both Income Tax and Social Security Contributions.
  • Will I be able to see my income tax and contribution records online?

    • Over time it is hoped that most interactions with the Revenue Service will be available online. However, in the first phase of the digital channel shift will be to enable our customers to have access to their records to understand how much tax they may need to pay, the tax returns they have submitted, to make a payment online, to request a repayment using a single sign on page and the ability to request a coding notice.
  • Will I get my assessment quicker?

    • It is hoped that with the introduction of automation the turnaround time for assessment will improve. If an annual tax return is submitted using the existing online service, and it passes agreed criteria, the return is processed within a few weeks.
  • Will I need to complete an annual tax return even if I was told I didn't need to before Revenue Service was created?

    • No, the requirement to complete an annual tax return will depend on your circumstances, if they change then you must contact Revenue Services who will advise you on whether you will be required to complete a return in future years.
  • Can I still come to see someone in person if I have a problem?

    • Yes, the Corporate Customer Services counter will still be located on level 3 at Edward T Wheadon House and are there to help when needed. If you require a one to one appointment to discuss assessments or completion of a tax return that can also still be organised for you.


For comments and suggestions please email


Revenue Service - Policy Letter

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