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Road safety

Contact Us - Traffic and Highway Services

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  • Traffic Signals

    • Many of the Island's major road junctions are controlled using traffic lights.  In addition, there are a number of puffin crossings to allow pedestrians to cross safely roads.
    • Occasionally damage or faults can occur.  Most commonly, this is bulbs not working or traffic lights being knocked by passing traffic.   However, there can also be issues with detection of vehicles which stops lights operating efficiently.
    • Should you notice any signal issues please contact Traffic and Highway Services on Tel. 243400 or by e-mailing
  • Traffic Signs and Road Markings

    • The Island is divided into signing zones. From time to time, permanent signs and poles become damaged and need repairing or need replacing. Similarly, road markings are repainted as required.
    • A rolling maintenance programme is in place to inspect and replace damaged and worn signs and road markings.
    • Whilst procedures are in place for contractors to notify us if signs or lines require attention, Traffic and Highway Services welcome notification from the public if signage or road markings are in need of repair or replacement.
  • Speed Limits

    • The Island currently has a maximum speed limit of 35mph. However, on the approaches to St Peter Port Town and some other Parish centres a 25mph limit applies. Similarly, a 25mph limit applies at all times on the approaches to the majority of the Island's Primary and Secondary Schools.
    • There are exceptions to the general limits as follows:
      • An exception to this is around St Sampson's High School and along The Quay where a 20mph limit applies at all times.
      • Seasonal 25mph speed limits apply between 1st June & 30th September along Cobo Coast Road, Route de Rocquaine and Route de la Lague.
      • 12 and 15mph limits apply to a small number of Town roads, primarily "Prohibited Streets" where access is only allowed by permit holders.
    • Road users should also be aware that there is a network of rural roads in 7 Parishes known as "Ruette Tranquille" where there is a recommended speed limit of 15mph. Signs are installed at the entrance points to each of the routes and drivers are advised of the likelihood of encountering pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders
    • A map of the Island's current speed limits and Ruettes Tranquilles can be viewed pdf icon here [205kb].
    • In addition to the geographical limits, motorists are advised that certain speed limits apply to particular categories of vehicle as follows:
    • Vehicle Speed Limits
      Steam boilers, tar boilers, concrete mixers, material spreaders and other trailers
      of any kind whatsoever with metal wheels
      8 mph
      Four-wheeled heavy trailers of the low loader type12mph
      Caravan homes, horse and cattle boxes & two-wheeled trailer of any kind whatsoever20 mph
      An omnibus25 mph
      A motor vehicle exceeding two tons unladen25 mph
      An articulated vehicle25 mph



Island Speed Limit & Ruettes Tranquilles Map

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