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Retail Price Index Inflation (RPI and RPIX)

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This page includes the latest Guernsey inflation rates, which are published quarterly by the Data and Analysis team, along with access to further related information.

The inflation rates are based on the price changes of a 'shopping basket' of items. The shopping basket and weights are periodically adjusted based on the results of household expenditure surveys. To see the results and find out more about the 2018/19 survey, go to

  • Latest inflation figures

    • At the end of March 2022, Guernsey's annual inflation, as measured by the changes in the RPIX, was 5.9%. The RPIX, which excludes the mortgage interest payment item, is the States' preferred measure of inflation. The RPI change in March 2022 was 5.6%.
    • The latest Inflation Bulletin, which contains more details on RPI and RPIX, can be downloaded from this page, together with Supplementary & Historical Information and the Inflation Calculator (which can work out the RPI or RPIX change over any time period and any value of money you choose e.g. for a rent or maintenance review.
    • RPI and RPIX

       Annual percentage changeIndex (2008 = 100)Annual percentage changeIndex (2008 = 100)
      Dec 20161.6118.21.2115.4
      Mar 20172.9120.72.4117.6
      Jun 20172.8121.62.3118.4
      Sep 20172.4121.02.0117.8
      Dec 20172.5121.22.4118.1
      Mar 20181.9122.92.0119.9
      Jun 20182.4124.52.6121.4
      Sep 20182.8124.32.9121.3
      Dec 20182.3123.92.4121.0
      Mar 20192.1125.52.1122.4
      Jun 20191.9126.91.9123.7
      Sep 20192.0126.82.0123.7
      Dec 20192.4126.92.3123.7
      Mar 20202.5128.72.1125.0
      Jun 20202.4129.91.8125.9
      Sep 20202.0129.41.4125.4
      Dec 20201.6128.91.0125.0
      Mar 20211.7130.91.5126.9
      Jun 20212.3132.92.2128.7
      Sep 20213.3133.63.2129.4
      Dec 20214.6134.84.4130.5
      Mar 20225.9138.65.6134.0
    • More information on inflation targets can be found here and a user guide to Guernsey inflation indices can be downloaded from this page.
    • The weightings used in the RPI calculations are periodically updated using information from the Household Expenditure Surveys. To see the results and find out more about the 2018/19 survey, go to
  • Latest inflation forecasts

    • The Inflation Forecast Bulletin provides 12 month forecasts for the primary inflation measures used in Guernsey: RPIX and RPI. Forecasts are based on historical trends, expectation of inflation in the UK, and forecast movements in the price of key commodities. Forecasts are revised and published on a quarterly basis in the month following Policy and Resources' publication of the Guernsey Inflation Bulletin.
    • The latest Inflation Forecast Bulletin can be downloaded from this page.

See the pdf icon provisional release date list [180kb] to find out when the next update of these figures is due.

If you would like to receive an email and/or text notification when the next version of this bulletin becomes available (or you wish to stop receiving those notifications), please log in or register here. To find out how Data and Analysis process your personal data if you sign up for notifications or in the production of national statistics you can pdf icon read our Fair Processing Notice [259kb].

Follow this link to access the archive of Retail Price Index Inflation bulletins.


Guernsey Inflation Bulletin March 2022 Supplementary and Historical Inflation Data to March 2022 Inflation calculator March 2022 Inflation calculator March 2022 - alternative version Guide to the Guernsey Inflation Indices 2022 Guernsey Quarterly Inflation Forecast Bulletin Q2 2022

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