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Sheep and Goat Movements

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Sheep and goats can carry many diseases that could be passed on to cattle and therefore threaten the Guernsey dairy industry. For this reason, the pre-movement health tests for sheep and goats are the most rigorous for any animals imported into the Bailiwick.

  • Importing Sheep and Goats from the Channel Islands

    • Sheep and goats can be imported into Guernsey from the Channel Islands under the General Import Licence subject to the following conditions:
      • it was born in, and has remained continuously since birth in, the island from which it is to be exported; or
      • it was legally imported into the island from which it is to be exported and has remained there continuously since its import; or
      • it was imported into the island from which it is to be exported from Guernsey and is being re-exported to Guernsey, and
      • the island from which it is being exported is not subject to notifiable disease restrictions, and
      • an import notification has been completed. 
  • Importing Sheep and Goats from the United Kingdom

    • Sheep and goats imported to the Bailiwick from the UK will need the following: 
      • An import licence - an application form can be found here
      • A health certificate - a signed copy must be sent to as soon as possible after issue and in any case before sheep and goats are dispatched to the Bailiwick, 
      • Post-import isolation facilities approved by the States Veterinary Officers - please email or call 01481 221161, and 
      • An import notification
    • Sheep and goats must be isolated for 21 days following import to the Bailiwick.
  • Importing Sheep and Goat Semen from the United Kingdom

  • Other Imports

    • In any other circumstances, sheep, goats and their products cannot be imported into the Bailiwick without an import licence issued by the States Veterinary Officers. Follow this link for an application form.
      • A licence may have conditions on health requirements, which may include isolation before dispatch to Guernsey and tests.
  • Costs

    • The cost of complying with any health requirements must be met by the importer.
  • Animal Health Threats

    • In the last few years animal health on Guernsey has been threatened by diseases carried by midges (Cluicoides species). Midges are potential vectors for certain animal diseases such as Bluetongue & Schmallenberg Virus. To reduce the risk of inadvertently bringing potentially infected midges to Guernsey from Jersey in vehicles, livestock owners are advised to spray vehicles with insect deterrents or insect killers before animals are loaded into them.
    • Follow this link for a list of recommended insect deterrents or insect killers.
  • Information to Livestock Keepers

    • Further information for livestock keepers can be found here


Animal Import Notification Animal/Animal Product Import Application Form General Import Licence Insect sprays

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