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More than 60kg of pork seized following new restrictions to prevent spread of African swine fever

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Friday 02 December 2022

More than 60kg of pork has been seized on entry into Guernsey by the Guernsey Border Agency (GBA) since new restrictions were introduced on 15th November to prevent the spread of African swine fever.

The pork that has been seized has primarily been brought across to the island in people's luggage or ordered from mainland Europe.

As Christmas draws closer, some islanders, particularly those with family and friends in mainland Europe, are being sent home-made food gifts. However, these cannot be permitted into Guernsey if they do not comply with the new restrictions.

It is illegal to bring pork or pork products into the Bailiwick from Europe (excluding the UK), unless it is:

There are no limits on pork or pork products imported commercially, provided that:

These regulations were agreed by the Committee for Home Affairs and are being enforced by the GBA.

Matthew Brehaut, Senior Investigations Officer, Border Enforcement, said:

"We know that the seizure of some of these products will likely have caused confusion to some, however the new restrictions have been put in place to help protect the island. We appreciate that gifts are being sent to the island out of love, but unfortunately due to the risk of African swine fever, these foods cannot be brought into Guernsey at this time, and we will continue to seize them. We would encourage islanders to advise family members not to send these products to the island for Christmas, and to think twice before making any pork-related online orders."

David Chamberlain, States Veterinary Officer, said:

"We're grateful to the GBA and Environmental Health for working with us on this to protect our local 300-plus pig population. The amount of pork that has been seized has surely helped to reduce the risk of the spread of African swine fever to the Bailiwick."

African swine fever is found in Africa and Asia but recently has started spreading rapidly through areas of Europe.

The virus does not affect humans but affects all pigs, including wild boar and is a notifiable compulsory slaughter disease with a very high mortality rate in pigs.

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