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Sustainable Transport

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The States of Guernsey is committed to encouraging sustainable transport, we hope that within this page you may find useful information regarding the sustainable transport choices available.

Two 7.2kw electric vehicle charging stations are located along the southern wall of the North Beach car park .

The charging units are operated by a pay as you go system which means anyone can use them once they have downloaded the free operational app. To download the app customers just need to search EO app  on the App Store or Google Play. Operational information is available on site.

To compliment the charging units, 10 hour priority parking for electric and Hybrid vehicles is also in the same area.

Electric vans, motorbikes and cycles are becoming increasingly available. A pure electric vehicle runs solely on the battery. Typically, this type of vehicle has a range between 80-100 miles on a full battery charge, these figures are increasing as technology evolves further.

Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles also have a conventional petrol engine or generator which drives the wheels or in the latter case is used to charge the batteries.  These have a longer range than with a battery alone. Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles are also being evaluated by some motor manufacturers. These vehicles use a mix of Hydrogen and oxygen to produce energy which drives an electric motor. Vehicles have a similar range to their fossil fuel powered equivalent models but there are currently very few filling stations nationally.

Running and maintenance costs for electric vehicles are lower when compared to a conventional motor vehicle as there are less mechanical components requiring servicing. In Guernsey, electric and other types of vehicles that do not produce Co2 emissions do not have to pay the emissions duty applied to a conventional motor vehicle upon first registration.

It is recommended that as part of the process of purchasing a fully electric vehicle, you consider access to charging points at your home. It is recommended that you get advice from your vehicle manufacturer regarding installing suitable charging points at your home, some manufacturers provide support for the installation.  If you have on street parking then you will need to make sure that any charging leads do not present a hazard to other street or footpath users, please refer to the guidlines on the right side of this page. Your own electrical engineer or Guernsey Electricity should be able to advise on the suitability of your own vehicle charging requirements. Using renewable energy or "Off-Peak" charging times will help reduce running costs even more.

There are a number of hotels on Guernsey that now have EV charging stations which are available for guests and non guests. Here is a link to a national site showing many EV charging points across the UK and Channel Islands, while Plugshare also displays many local establishments that have electric vehicle charging stations.

Converting to LPG can be another option, saving money on running costs and being cleaner for the environment compared to petrol/diesel; LPG can be purchased from Doyle Motors.

For more detailed information about alternative fuel vehicles see the Guernsey Electric Vehicle Initiative site.

For more information on electric cars, vans and motorcycles please contact one of the local vehicle dealers or for information on electric cycles please contact one of the local cycle dealers:

It is recommended that anyone considering purchasing an electric bicyle speaks to one one of the local cycle retailers to obtain all of the information in relation to e Bikes. The law relating to electric cycles can be found here.



EV charging cables across footways guidelines EV charging stations map

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