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Sustainable (Electric) Transport

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The States of Guernsey is committed to encouraging sustainable transport, we hope that within this page you may find useful information regarding the sustainable transport choices available.

Four States owned electric vehicle charging sites are available. These can be found at North Beach, Salerie and Odeon car parks, with one charging station at La Crocq Pier, St Sampson. All sites have two 7.2kw electric vehicle charging units and can be accessed by using the same app which can be downloaded by searching for Plug-N-Go/app, credit/debit cards currently cannot be used to activate a charging session.  Users of the charging stations who do not have a smart device can activate a charging session manually by contacting the support line using the telephone number on the signage at the sites.

Users of the sites can also purchase a key fob from through the Plug-N-Go app to access the charging units, which means users can easily use the sites by two methods and access other charging stations within the publically available Plug-N-Go network. The Plug-N-Go app also shows locations of all sites that it manages.

Zap Map shows States of Guernsey owned EV charging stations across Guernsey, the map also shows charging stations across Jersey and the UK, while Plugshare displays charging stations across other jurisdictions. Some hotels and other establishments on Guernsey now have EV charging stations which are available for guests, non guests or visitors. 

The States of Guernsey owned charging units are accessible 24/7 and are operated by a pay as you go system via the downloaded app, operational information is available on site and a 24/7 helpline contact telephone number is available at all sites if required. All of the charging sites are limited to three hours parking while charging between 8.00am and 18.00 pm, times are not limited between 18.00pm and 8.00am.

Guidelines have been introduced to advise electric vehicle owners of best practice if they are charging their vehicle from their home using cables that cross a public footway. The guidelines are available in the downloads section of this page.

  • Electric Vehicle Information

    • A pure electric vehicle (BEV) runs solely on the battery. These vehicles have varying ranges depending upon the age and type of vehicle, as technology evolves ranges of battery powered vehicles are increasing.
    • Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles have a battery and a conventional petrol engine or generator which drives the wheels or in the latter case is used to charge the batteries. These vehicles have a longer range than with a battery only vehicle.
    • Running and maintenance costs for electric vehicles are lower when compared to a conventional motor vehicle as there are less mechanical components requiring servicing. In Guernsey, electric and other types of vehicles that do not produce Co2 emissions do not have to pay the emissions duty applied to a conventional motor vehicle upon first registration.
    • It is recommended that as part of the process of purchasing a fully electric vehicle, you consider access to charging points at your home. It is further recommended that you get advice from your vehicle manufacturer regarding installing suitable charging points at your home, some manufacturers provide support for the installation. Your own electrical engineer or Guernsey Electricity should be able to advise on the suitability of your own vehicle charging requirements. Using "Off-Peak" charging times to charge your vehicle will help reduce running costs of your vehicle.
    • For more information on electric cars, vans and motorcycles please contact one of the local vehicle dealers.
  • Electric Bicycles

  • Electric motorcycles/scooters

    • There are some electric motorycles/scooters available on the market. For information on electric motorcycles please search for the local motorcycle dealers, some electric motorcycle brands are represented by local motor vehicle dealerships.


EV charging cables across footways guidelines Fair Processing Notice

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