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Family Visa Scheme and the Ukrainian Sponsorship Scheme - Frequently asked questions

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  • What is the Bailiwick of Guernsey Family scheme?

    • The States of Guernsey, States of Alderney and Chief Pleas in Sark has set up a scheme where Ukrainian nationals with family ties can come to the Bailiwick to stay with family already resident in the Bailiwick.
  • What is the Bailiwick of Guernsey Ukraine Sponsorship scheme?

    • The States of Guernsey, States of Alderney and Chief Pleas in Sark has set up a scheme where Ukrainian nationals without any family ties can come to the Bailiwick.
    • People wanting to be sponsors who may, or may not, know anyone personally fleeing Ukraine are being asked to register their interest in being a sponsor.
  • How do I register my interest in becoming an approved sponsor?

  • How long should I expect to host for?

    • Initially, you will be asked to commit to a minimum of 12 months. Please note that beneficiaries will be granted a visa for up to 36 months
  • What sort of accommodation am I expected to provide?

    • If you have a residential spare room or separate self-contained accommodation that is unoccupied then please come forward and register. The accommodation must be available for at least 12 months, fit for people to live in, and suitable for the number of people to be accommodated. Those offering self-contained accommodation will be processed first as part of our phased approach.
  • Will I be paid rent?

    • No. You should not charge any rent for any guests. We appreciate people's generosity and do know that there will be costs associated with helping. You should consider this commitment before coming forward.
  • Will I receive any financial compensation?

    • No, there is currently no provision for financial compensation
  • Will I need to sign a tenancy agreement with the guest?

    • No, you will not need to sign a tenancy agreement.
  • Do I need public liability insurance?

    • We encourage all those considering to be a sponsor to speak to their house insurance providers to inform them of their plans to be a sponsor.
  • Will the person I am supporting be eligible for benefits and/or to work?

    • All guests from Ukraine coming to the Bailiwick under the scheme will be able to apply for benefits (healthcare, education) and have the right to work. As they will be provided with rent-free accommodation, they will not be entitled to any housing benefit.
  • Do I need to provide food and toiletries for my guests?

    • You are not expected to provide food, toiletries, or other necessities as these should be covered by your beneficiaries who will have access to the benefits system and be able to work. However, there is nothing stopping you from offering support if you wish to provide this.
  • What checks need to be done?

    • All those applying for visas under the Ukrainian sponsorship scheme undergo a series of security and criminality checks to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules to qualify for entry.  
    • Those resident in the Bailiwick of Guernsey who are seeking to sponsor Ukrainian nationals aged 16 and over in the same household, will also be subject to safeguarding checks (Enhanced DBS check), to include checks against government databases and those of third parties, such as the Police National Computer.
    • A host's accommodation will also be checked to ensure it is suitable i.e. a guest needs to have their own room. A checklist of criteria can be found under Housing Checklist.
    • These checks will be provided free of charge.
  • Housing Criteria Checklist

    • All accommodation will need to be checked prior to being added to the list of approved sponsors. The checks will include the following items.
      • Structurally sound; wind, water-tight and free from damp.
      • The electrics must be in a safe condition and properties with a gas supply (whether used or not) must have an annual safety check.
      • A fixed form of heating must be available (not portable heaters) in habitable rooms (spaces for living, sleeping, eating / cooking and not bathrooms, WCs, hallways etc.)
      • A toilet, wash hand basin and shower/ bath must be available in the property and in working order.
      • Cooking and food preparation facilities must be available and in working order e.g. a cooker or built-in oven and hob, a fridge, worktop, somewhere to store food and a sink.
      • The property should have a suitable supply of drinking water (mains water or treated well / borehole water) (testing for boreholes / wells can be provided for free on request) and hot and cold water for washing (persons and utensils / equipment).
      • Each habitable room must have openable windows. Mechanical ventilation is an appropriate alternative in bathrooms or kitchens
      • The property should have adequate fire safety provisions and precautions (e.g. access and egress, smoke / CO detectors etc.) - a fire safety check can be performed prior to habitation
      • The property should be safe and in good order, and appropriate for the number of people who will be living there (guidance can be provided regarding overcrowding)
  • What happens if I have children at school or university in the UK that require a DBS check?

    • They will need to get their passport or driving licence verified and certified as a true copy at a Post Office. They can then post the documents to us to be processed. Alternatively, under certain circumstances we could arrange a video call to confirm their identity.
  • What happens if the placement is not working out for me or the beneficiaries?

    • Even with the best intentions, there may come a point during the sponsorship when either you, the beneficiary or both of you feel that the sponsorship is not working. If this happens, please call the support team on 220001 (Option 3). (Lines are open Mon-Fri 09.00-14.00) or email:
    • The support team will work with you and the beneficiaries to facilitate a move to another host or alternative accommodation if this is appropriate. We will also work with Population Management to obtain the relevant permit through to the end of their visa.

    Advice & assistance

    As a sponsor, you are here to support and help your guests to adapt to life in the Bailiwick. The first thing to do will be to make sure they are comfortable in their accommodation and setup with the basics. It is worth checking that they have access to a mobile phone and the internet so they can stay in touch with family and friends. A number of third-party organisations led by Humanitarian Aid Guernsey will be able to assist you with this.

    Ukraine Co-ordination Support Team

    The States of Guernsey has set up a short-term Ukraine Co-ordination Support team to:

    The aim is to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian beneficiaries into the Bailiwick of Guernsey. If you do need to contact the support team, please contact them by email - or 220001 (Option 3). The team is available Mon-Fri 09.00 - 14.00.


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