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Electronic Application For School Uniform Grant: September 2021 - July 2022

The Uniform Grant is a means tested benefit, issued annually, intended to assist you in providing a basic school uniform for your children. The amount of grant you receive is calculated with reference to your annual household income and allowed expenses.


For parents and carers who are not in receipt of Income Support, proof of income, rent & interest on mortgages will need to be submitted alongside the application form. If you have any questions, you can contact the Income Support team on 222508 or email


  1. Uniform Grant Application: September 2021 - July 2022
    1. Family Details (Please enter the details of all family members)
      1. Parent/Guardian Details
      2. Please provide details of each child in the family, even if they do no require a grant and/or have left full time education.
      3. Details of first child
      4. Details of second child
      5. Details of third child
      6. Details of fourth child
      7. Details of fifth child
      8. Details of sixth child
      9. Details of seventh child
      10. Details of eighth child
      11. Details of ninth child
      12. Details of tenth child
  2. Income Details
      1. In order to assess your eligibility for the School Uniform Grant we require details of your current income and expenditure.
      2. Details of Capital
        1. Please provide bank balances for all accounts held by family members, this includes any money held in savings banks, bonds, unit and investment trusts and any income held at home as capital.
      3. Bank Account 1
      4. Bank Account 2
      5. Bank Account 3
      6. Bank Account 4
      7. Employment Details
  3. Details of Current Income
    1. Your Income
    2. Your partner's income
  4. Charges and Allowances
    1. Mortgage Interest
    2. Rent
    3. Maintenance
    4. Pensions
  5. Details of School Clothing Required
    1. Please let us know in the sections which suppliers you would like items from, and what items you would like from those suppliers. You can choose from Fletchersports, Game Changers, Marks and Spencer, Shoezone, Shoestring or Sole Mates.
  6. Any other information
  7. Additional Information
    1. Applications for uniform grants must be completed by Monday 17th August to ensure that you receive your voucher by Wednesday 26th August. Term starts Wednesday 2nd September.
    2. We may verify information supplied using records held by Social Security.
    3. Entitlement to the uniform grant is dependent on residual income and level of capital.
    4. In certain circumstances we may calculate any entitlement to the uniform grant using your income from the previous six months.
  8. Declaration
  9. The States of Guernsey will process any personal data that you provide, via this online form, in accordance with the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017. Further information about how your personal data is processed by the States of Guernsey can be found here.
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