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Information for Vendors

Contact Us - Vendor Services

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'Vendor' is the term used by the States of Guernsey to describe a supplier of goods and / or services.

The Vendor Services (Payments) team receive and pay invoices from suppliers on behalf of States Departments served by the Shared Transaction Service Centre ('The Hub'). They match the invoices to purchase order and goods receipt information then arrange payment via BACS or cheque.

Vendor Services also work with Departments in the event of queries, discrepancies or disputes and play a key role in safeguarding public finances through the enforcement of corporate payment controls.

  • Becoming a Vendor

    • If you have been identified as a potential vendor but are not yet registered with the States of Guernsey you will be guided through this process by the Department ordering the goods / services.
  • Useful Vendor Information

    • Vendor Services processes thousands of invoices every year from over 13,000 vendors. Whilst they are as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of different suppliers, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your invoices are processed promptly:
    • Please ensure that the relevant States of Guernsey Purchase Order number is stated on all invoices.
    • This allows Vendor Services to match your invoice with the relevant order.  If you were not given a Purchase Order number at the time of ordering please contact the relevant individual / Department to get this information before submitting your invoice.
    • The invoice amount needs to match the amount quoted.
    • We know that sometimes there are very good reasons why this can't happen but please make sure that the person ordering goods or services knows the amount will be different so they can take appropriate steps for your invoice to be processed.
  • Contact Vendor Services

    • The team are based at Edward T Wheadon House and can be contacted by phone or email Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:00.
    • Vendors are allocated to team members in alphabetical groupings, so staff have a clear knowledge of specific accounts and suppliers have one contact for any queries or issues they may have.
    • Tel:                  01481 223001
    • Email:    

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