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Who's pulled the wool over these donkeys' eyes?

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Thursday 12 September 2019

Have you noticed something unusual in Town at Market Square? Who's wrapped the donkeys in warm blankets? Where has all that colourful craftwork come from?

Amongst the colourful knitting, crochet and wool work you will find details of who organised this, so why not come along and have a look, you may even be inspired to make something yourself.

So...... who had this brilliant idea?

This Yarn Storming event has been put together by the Family Placement Service to raise awareness and publicise the need for foster carers. The pieces were made by foster carers, adopters, children who are in foster care, social workers and many others, including Craft Clubs and the Guernsey Foster Care and Adoption Association who are supportive of foster care. We have all been busy over the summer and the fruits of our labour will be at and around Market Square from today for a week.

Wool donations were made by the participants; Creasey's donated balls of yarn and Oatlands' Craft shop gave a discount on their yarns.

Why have we done this?

The Family Placement Service are passionate about the difference that foster care can make to the lives of fostered children and young people. Foster care doesn't just transform the lives of the children and young people who are fostered, it also has the power to enhance the lives of foster carers, their families and all those who are involved in fostering. Fostering provides the opportunity to make a significant difference to children and it can be a very rewarding experience. You will find, amongst the craftwork, posters designed by children who have experienced foster care. No-one is better placed to say what makes a good foster carer than the children who need foster care, so please do have a look - could you be the one to care for them?

People who are interested in fostering need to care about children, have good communication and interpersonal skills, lots of patience, a good sense of humour and be ready for a challenge. Many people from a variety of different backgrounds can foster. What is needed is love, patience, understanding and insight into children's lives, and a commitment to working with other professionals who work with the child. Fostering can be demanding at times but ongoing support and training is available as well as a weekly allowance.

The Family Placement Service is targeting recruitment to support children who need to be placed outside their family for various reasons. There is currently a particular need in the Bailiwick for foster carers who can care for sibling groups, school aged children and teenagers.

We are seeking foster carers who can be available for short or long term fostering or short break care for all ages of children. Other types of care include Specialist Foster Care and Short Break Care which specifically supports children with disabilities and their families, so if you are interested in finding out more, do hunt out our banners amongst the craftwork which gives our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Family Placement Service
St Peter Port
Tel: 713230


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