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Policy & Resource Plan published with Medium Term Financial Plan and capital investment update
Monday 22 May 2017

The Policy & Resource Plan has been published today, for debate in the States of Deliberation starting on 27 June.

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Final surplus of £25m confirmed
Friday 19 May 2017

Public finances for 2016 have been finalised, with an increased final surplus of £25m recorded.

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Men ACWY vaccine
Friday 19 May 2017

Meningococcal ACWY (Men ACWY) Vaccine is being offered to young people born between 01.09.98 and 31.08.99 who are no longer in education in Guernsey.

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The Future Structure of Secondary and Post-16 Education

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Our Proposals (these are the proposals debated in March 2016)

The Education Department has published its eagerly anticipated proposals for the future structure of secondary and post-16 education, including the future funding of the grant-aided Colleges, selection at 11 and the size and number of secondary schools.

We are often told that our education system doesn't need changing but the reality is that the 11 plus, as a means of deciding which pupil goes to which secondary school, is not an appropriate way to determine the future of our children's secondary education. It fails to deliver equality of opportunity, fairness or the sort of social mobility that was originally intended.

At the heart of our proposals is the absolute commitment to ensure that all our young people are able to reach their full potential and perform at the highest levels possible. We must provide an education system that caters for all our children and young people and ensure that they can make valued and lasting contributions to our society and the wider world.

We accept that we will not be able to please everybody with our proposals. But we absolutely stand by our core values as highlighted in our vision. These values have been the driving force behind our proposals for the future structure of secondary and post-16 education.

We have looked at four areas:

  1. Admission to Secondary Education (including whether or not to retain some form of selection at 11)
  2. Post-16 Provision - the optimal means of delivery
  3. The future funding of the grant-aided Colleges and
  4. The optimal size and structure of the education estate.

You can find out more about our proposals by watching the video below.

A copy of our Policy Letter which will be debated by the States starting on 8th March plus all the appendices are all available to download below.

You can also access a copy of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Some questions have been asked about the responses to the Public Consultation. The following video aims to answer some of those questions.

We have also been asked some questions about how we plan to deliver our proposals and what the impact of delaying a decision would be. The following brief video below helps answer some of those questions.

We are holding three Public Meetings to present our proposals on Monday 8th and Monday 15th February at 7.30pm at St Sampson's High School and Monday 29th February at St Anne's School, Alderney, also at 7.30pm.

You may also be interested in a transcript of an interview given to BBC Guernsey by three of our primary headteachers on Friday 12th February - this is also available to download below.




Transcript of BBC Guernsey interview with Primary Headteachers 12-2-16 Advantages of Federated or Collaborative systems and some examples in operation Policy Letter - The Future Structure of Secondary and Post-16 Education Our Proposals: Frequently Asked Questions LMDC Schools - current and future site layout Appendix 1: Your Schools Your Choice Consultation document Appendix 2: Consultation Response (colour copy) Appendix 3: UCL Institute of Education Research Report Appendix 4: Pupil Projection graph (colour) Appendix 5: Proposed Implementation Timeline Appendix 6: Summary Cost LMDC 600 and 960 pupil options Appendix 7a: LMDC 600 pupil site plan (Level 1) Appendix 7b: LMDC 600 pupil site plan (Level 2) Appendix 7c: LMDC 600 pupil site plan (Level 3) Appendix 8: LMDC Programme - 600 and 960 pupil options Appendix 9: IID Architects Project Value Review Dec 2015 LMDC Review Appendix 1: Value Review figures LMDC Review Appendix 2: Area Analysis LMDC Review Appendix 4: Value for Money Review 28-11-15

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